Digi Mesh Synchronous sleeping network

The following provides a basic sleeping network using the Digi Mesh protocol.

For this example I am going to use a synchronous sleeping network with a always-on Sleep Support module using the XBee PRO 900 HP hardware. Note: An always-on Sleep Support module is not necessary to deploy a synchronous sleeping network, but it is good practice to do so - especially for networks using long sleep periods (greater than 5 minute sleep).


Always on Sleep Coordinator: 

The always on Sleep Coordinator allows the network to remain in sync by sending out the Sync message at the beginning of every wake cycle. 

Parameter Settings

CE 0

SM 7

SO 1

SP 3E8 (10 seconds)

ST 3E8 (1 second)


Sleeping Routers:

CE 0 or 2

SM 8

SO 2

SP 3E8  (10 seconds)

ST 3E8  (1 second)


For backup coordinators, use the same settings as the Sleep Coordinator but set the SO command to a value of 0 or greater than 3. That is, do not enable bit 0 and/or 1.  By doing this, you allow for a nomination to occur if the original sleep coordinator leaves or is not in range of the network.


Last updated: Jul 12, 2024

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