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Digi Remote Manager Enabled by Default on DAL Devices

Why move all devices to Digi Remote Manager by default?

As part of unifying all Digi devices to a common central management portal, the commercial aView portal will be phased in late 2021.  In the meantime, existing aView customers will still be able to keep using aView.

Newer firmware defaults to Remote Manager instead of aView.  The following instructions show how to return a unit back to aView, after it has been reset to factory defaults.

What products will be affected by the change to using Remote Manager by default?

Most new Digi products already sync with Digi Remote Manager by default.  The following products will switch from syncing with aView by default to Remote Manager by default on firmware versions 20.2.x and newer:
  • 6300-CX
  • 6300-LX
  • 5400-RM
  • 5401-RM
  • 6310-DX
  • 6330-MX
  • 6335-MX
  • 6350-SR
  • 6355-SR
  • Connect IT Mini/4/16/48
  • EX12
  • EX15
  • EX15W

Does upgrading my device from 19.11.x or older firmware automatically enable syncing with Digi Remote Manager?

No.  Central management via Digi Remote Manager will not be enabled if you upgrade a device running 19.11.x or older firmware to 20.2.x or newer firmware that was previously syncing with an aView instance, but can be enabled if desired.  However, if the device running 20.2.x or newer firmware is reset (e.g. - If someone presses the Erase button on the device, or erases the configuration through the web UI or Admin CLI), the device will sync with Digi Remote Manager by default.


How do I move one or more devices from aView to Remote Manager?

For devices currently in aView, just upgrading them from 19.11.x or older to 20.2 or newer firmware will not automatically move them to Digi Remote Manager.  The recommended way to move devices to Digi Remote Manager is to update their group configurations in aView to have the devices switch to Remote Manager. To do so, below are the following recommended steps:
  1. Sign up for a free trial account in Digi Remote Manager if you don't already have one:
    1. Contact Digi Sales if you need a paid, non-trial account to support a large number of devices in Digi Remote Manager.
  2. Add the devices into Remote Manager
    1. Standard process
    2. Bulk-import process
  3. Create or modify an existing group configuration in aView to enable it for Digi Remote Manager instead of aView
    1. Under Central Management > Service, select Digi Remote Manager.
    2. You can also refer to the following knowledge base article to see the necessary config change in action:
      Managing Digi ACL devices with Digi Remote Manager
  4. Assign that group configuration to the devices you want to sync with Remote Manager
    1. Note that DAL devices associated with that configuration profile will pick up the configuration changes the next time the device syncs with Digi aView (by default, once every 24 hours around 1AM UTC).  If you want to apply the firmware upgrade immediately, please perform the following:
      • Go to the details page of the DAL device.
      • Select the Commands drop-down at the top-right of the page.
      • Select Check Configuration option from the Commands drop-down.
      • Once the command is received by the DAL device, the device will automatically upgrade to the new firmware.
  5. Once one or more devices are active and online in Remote Manager, below are some tasks for managing and organizing your devices:
    1. Configuration:  you can either manually configure each device or create a new group configuration profile based on the settings from one of the devices, and then apply the same config changes to additional devices.
      1. Manual configuration documentation
      2. Configuration Profile documentation
    2. Organization:  groups, sub-groups, and tags can be created in Remote Manager and utilized to organize devices together
      1. Documentation
    3. Alerts:  Alarms can be created in Remote Manager to notify users when one or more devices change various states (e.g. signal strength dropped, device offline, etc.)
      1. Documentation

How do I disable central management?

  • Under the Central management section, de-select the option
  • Select Apply to save the configuration.

Once disabled, the device will no longer sync with Digi Remote Manager, aView, or any other central management portal and instead must be manually configured through its web UI or Admin CLI.

What does this mean for units in inventory/warehouse?

Any of the affected DAL devices mentioned above that were manufactured before March 2020 will sync with aView by default.  The reason is these devices were loaded with 19.11.x or older firmware when manufactured.  If you want to have these older devices sync with Digi Remote Manager, you have the following options:

  1. Manually configure the device to sync with Digi Remote Manager.  To do so, adjust the following configuration setting:
    1. Web UI:  Under the Central management section, modify Service to DRM
    2. Admin CLI:  config cloud service drm

  2. Add the device to aView, setup a group configuration profile in aView that has Central management -> Service set to DRM, apply that group config to the device.  Then bring the device online via cellular or wired WAN so it pulls this configuration from aView, and then switch to Digi Remote Manager for device management.
  3. Upgrade the device to firmware 20.2.x or newer, then erase the device to default settings using the Erase button on the device.

Newly manufactured DAL devices after March 2020 will have 20.2.x or newer firmware loaded during production.  Therefore, any DAL product manufactured after March 2020 will sync with Digi Remote Manager by default. 

What is the minimum firmware version for management with Digi Remote Manager?

Below are the minimum firmware versions for Remote Manager support on DAL devices:

  • AnywhereUSB 2/8/24 Plus:
  • Connect IT Mini/4/16/48:
  • Accelerated/Enterprise products (EX/CX/DX/RM/SR/MX Familes):
  • TX54/TX64:
  • LR54/LR54W:
  • IX14:
  • IX20/IX20W:

Last updated: Jun 29, 2020

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