Factors That Affect Range

Communication distance is determined by four factors:

Output power, recieve sensitivity, Antenna systems and the environment.

Visit this application note for Maximizing Range.

(Also please see Distance and Obstacles document with Fresnel Zone).

Actual performance varies in each environment. Digi strongly recommends that no radio decision be made without evaluating all radio modem candidates in the actual environment of the application.

Note that Digi practices conservative specmanship by publishing radio modem specifications typically experienced by our customers instead of publishing theoretical maximum performance characteristics.

Here is a summary of the conservative range specifications for Digi products:

Indoor range 
300 ft (90 m)1500 ft (450 m)600 ft (180 m)
Outdoor range 
1000 ft (300 m)7-20 mi (11-32 km)3-10 mi (5-16 km)
Last updated: Aug 23, 2017

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