Frequency Usage Table by Products

Each Digi radio modem uses as little of the available RF spectrum as possible so as to minimize susceptibility to interference from other RF systems as well as to minimize the impact of Digi transmissions on RF systems already operating in the area.

Here is a table showing the specific frequencies used by Digi radio modems by product family:

Product FamilyFirst Frequency
Last Frequency
Frequency spacing
9XStream (X09)910.5917.7300
9XTend (XT09)905925350
9XTend (Australian XTH9)915.75927.265350
9XStream (XH9)920.0927.2300
24XStream (X24)
(25 channel)

The XPress Ethernet Bridge is designed to automatically select the best frequency for radio transmission. There may be circumstances when the user wishes to restrict the operation of the XEB to a subset of the 902-928 band.

DIP SettingChannelFrequency
2 ON / 3 OFF1,2,3 or 4903-909 MHz
2 OFF / 3 ON5,6,7 or 8911-917 MHz
2 ON / 3 ON9,10,11 or 12919-925 MHz
Last updated: Aug 23, 2017

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