How to Change the firmware on a Digi XBee Gateway (Connect Port X2) using Digi Remote Manager

This article explains the process of updating the firmware on a Digi XBee Gateway (Connect Port X2) via the Digi Remote Manager service.  This article assumes that you already have a Digi Remote Manager account and a Digi XBee Gateway (Digi Connect Port X2) powered up, connected to the Digi Remote manager service via the Internet and on your account. 


On the main screen of the Digi Remote Manager, on the Left Menu, select Management > Devices.


Under the Devices tab, Select your Digi XBee Gateway (X2) that you wish to update the firmware on. 

On the Right side menu, Select Action > Update Firmware

On the Right update firmware menu, select the desired firmware you with to install.  The service will report the highest released firmware avaiablle. 

Select Update

When the update is complete, the process will report if it was completed successfully or not. 



This same process can be done on one device or more by selecting all of the devices you wish to update in the Devices tab.

Last updated: Jun 23, 2023

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