How to update the firmware on a Digi XBee Industrial Gateway using Digi Remote Manager

Often, a Digi XBee Industrial Gateway (XIG) is located in a remote location where the Administrator of the network is unable to directly talk to the device or manage it.  In order to correct that issue, Digi offers the Digi Remote Manager service. 


Using the Digi Remote Manager, you are able to make changes to the firmware settings on the Digi XBee Industrial gateway or perform firmware updates or modify the file system.  From time to time, the firmware on the device needs to be updated. The  steps for performing the upgrade via the Digi Remote Manager are as follows:

- Log into remote with your user name and password

- On the Left, open the Management tab and Click on the Devices Tab

The devices tab is where all of the devices the account you logged into has access to. 

- Select the desired device by placing a Check in the box on the left on the same row of the device you wish to update

- Select Actions > Update Firmware

On the right, you will have the Device(s) listed you have selected with the current firmware version listed. 

- On the right, select the down arrow for the firmware version and the most recent released will be on the top of the list. 

- Select the desired version and Click on Update

When completed, the devices firmware will be updated.


Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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