How to update the XBee module settings on an IX15 XBee Gateway

In order to update the XBee Settings on an IX15, you will need to use the XCTUNG software which can be downloaded from
The IX15 uses Profiles to write and change settings as well as the firmware on the XBee modules. Both the module inside of the IX15 as well as modules found within its network.  To perform this function, it is suggested to first download the current profile from the IX15 that you are using.
  • Launch a browser
  • Input the IP address of your IX15
  • Log in using the Administrator user name and password (The default password can be found on the label on the device)
  • Select XBee and Profile Manager
  • Select the download button on the line of the profile you wish to download and modify
  • Make a note as to the download location of the file to as you will use this when modifying it in XCTUNG.
Once you have the file downloaded, you will then want to Launch XCTUNG. Before you go any further, make sure that your XCTU is up to date and has the most current firmware files available. If you do not know how to do this, you can use the Help files found within XCTU for the directions.
  • Launch XCTU
  • From the Tools menu, select Profile Editor
  • Click on Load and navigate to the file you downloaded previously
  • Select the XBee Firmware tab
    • This will allow you the ability to update the firmware version you are working with
  • Select the Firmware settings tab
    • This is where you can make changes to the different AT commands. Make sure in your process that you leave the (AP) command enabled and the baud rate (BD) set to 115.2kbps
  • When done with the changes, Select Save from the top menu
Now that your profile is finished, you can upload the profile to the IX15. This is done using the same process as downloading the profile. However, this time you are going to select the Upload Profile function.  Make sure you browse to the location you in which you saved your modified profile and select it. Then choose Open.
To enable the changes or the new Profile you have uploaded, From the XBee menu, select Update Manager. Select the Add Update Task and the Profile you wish to Enable and Next. Select the module you wish to install this Profile to and select Add. It is at this point where you can choose to update All network devices, or devices by a given type such as Routers or End Devices. You can even select by an ID value.
Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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