Why I cannot login to my DAL router even after a Factory Reset?

If is not possible to login to a DAL router using the configured admin username/password (password lost or changed by mistake for example),  a Factory Reset is often the quickest solution to get access again if no other way is possible. But, what to do when even after a factory reset the default credentials are still not working?
Below will be explained what to check for this kind of problem and how to fix it:

Check default user name:
  • If the device is at a firmware level 19.8.x (or older) OR it has been upgraded from 19.8.x or older to 19.11.x (or newer) but NOT factory reset                                                           --> The user name is root
  • If the device is at 19.11.x (or newer) when manufactured OR it has been upgraded from 19.8.x or older to 19.11.x (or newer) and has been factory reset after the upgrade  --> The user name is admin
Check default password: The default password is the unique password printed on the label of the unit.
Note: In case the device was manufactured before January the 1st 2020, it could be that it was not manufactured with a unique password (so it will be not present on the label). In this case the default password is “default”. 

Temporary Disable aView connection:
If after the above checks the login is still failing, this is maybe caused by aView profile. Devices with firmware prior to release 20.2.x are configured to connect to aView by default, so what can happen is that they may have a different password for the default user, based on the aView configuration profile used by the device.
In order to correctly reset the device in this case, you must disconnect from aVeiw first:
  • Remove any SIM and WAN connections to prevent the device from connecting to aView after resetting to factory defaults.
  • Reset the device to factory defaults.
  • Log into the local Web UI by using the default username and password 
  • Prior to inserting a SIM or connecting to a WAN connection, disable central management under SystemConfigurationDevice Configuration, Click Central Management and Un-tick “Enable central management” to disable it.
Note: When you first log into the WebUI after erasing the configuration, you will be required to change the default password for the default admin user prior to being able to save any changes or exit the user interface.
At thsi point, you should be able to insert a SIM or connect a WAN connection to the router without losing access and you can then chose how to proceed further (keep aView disabled if not using it, review the profile associated, etc.).

Last updated: Sep 21, 2020

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