LoRaWAN Device Developer Kit(HXC Dev Shield) - Developer Guide

This guide provides an over of the LoRaWAN Device Developer Kit and an introduction to the X-ON cloud IoT platform and LoRaWAN. The Developer kit will provide examples for sensors generated data, events trigger sends and downlink control of an actuator. The solution comes pre-configured with Haxiot Factory and Field provisioning applications for zero-touch deployment.


The LoRaWAN Device Developer Kit is configured as a Nucleo Board with an Arduino shield. It contains:

  • 1x HXC900 LoRaWAN module
  • 1x Digital switch
  • 1x I2C LED
  • 1x Analog Temperature sensor
  • 1x 3 axis-accelerometer

The LoRaWAN Device Developer Kit is pre-provisioned on the Haxiot X-ON cloud and contains an open-source evaluation application for ST Micro Nucleo developer kits to demonstrate.

• LoRaWAN Authentication & 2-way communications
• Temperature sensor with periodic uplink reporting
• Digital Switch for triggered event reporting
• Color LED for real-time device control


System Requirements

  1. X-ON Cloud account credentials username & password
  2. Mobile or PC with web browser and camera
  3. Internet connectivity for Gateway with ethernet port & Ethernet cable
  4. USB 5V power adapter for powering the device



X-ON Cloud Account
You can access the X-ON Cloud management interface with a web browser using your account-specific username and password at https://us1.haxiot.com


The Gateway and Device are pre-provisioned in the Haxiot X-ON cloud and only require activation on your X-ON cloud account using the Haxiot Cloud provisioning application on https://signup.haxiot.com/ 


Cloud Provisioning
The Haxiot evaluation provisioning tool is a web service that works in most mobile and desktop browsers. You will need a device with internet, a camera and a web browser. If you can scan the code below, this




Gateway Provisioning

  1. Insert an Ethernet Cable to your Gateway.
  2. Make sure that you have an Antenna Attached to your Gateway.
  3. Power on your gateway with the 5V Adapter.
  4. Scan your Gateway QR code using https://scan.haxiot.com . Use X-ON credentials to login under your Account.
  5. Enter/Edit the name for your Gateway.
  6. Select Provision.

Device Provisioning

  1. Power the device using the included USB cable.
  2. Scan your Device QR code using https://scan.haxiot.com . Make sure you login under the same account to which the Gateway was added.
  3. Enter/Edit the name for your Device.
  4. Select the newly created Application or any other existing Application from the drop-down list.
  5. Select Provision.
  6. NOTE: Several Devices can be provisioned under one Application.

Your LoRaWAN coverage and device are now fully operational. The device and the gateway are now managed through the X-ON cloud application.



Evaluation Embedded Application
Haxiot provides an evaluation embedded application that runs on the Nucleo to get started with LoRaWAN.  The LoRaWAN Device Developer Kit provides 4 functions as a starting point for developers.

1. LoRaWAN 2-way communications
The device is pre-provisioned as a low-latency LoRaWAN Class C device with 2-way communications. The device will show a PURPLE LED when it successfully authenticates after the power is switched on within range of an activated gateway.


The X-ON cloud application allows you to confirm authentication, uplink messages and send downlink messages. Login to https://us1.haxiot.com and select Network >> Devices >> [Your Application from the Drop Down] to see a page like the one below.

2. Temperature Sensor
The temperature sensor is generating analog temperature data every 15 seconds. The temperature analog value is LSB bytes 2 and 3 of each message. The temperature sensor is shown with a thermometer icon on the shield.


3. Digital Switch
Toggling the digital switch will trigger an automatic uplink from the device when activated. The Digital switch is the last byte of the payload and will toggle between 0 and 1. The digital switch is the On/Off toggle shown below.


4. LED Lighting Control
The HXC Dev Shield has a micro-processor managed color LED. The built-in application allows uses to control the device wirelessly and change to predefined colors. The color commands are RED, BLUE or GREEN and can be sent from the X-ON cloud to the device. Please use the Send Downlink web form in the X-ON web interface as shown below.

NOTE: Ensure you change HEX to ASCII for payload type.

You should see the LED light switch to the desired color.

Stream Packet Viewer
The X-ON Stream web interface provides a real-time packet capture to view and analyze packets. More advanced stream integrations are available with a commercial solution. The evaluation application on the client combines temperature, digital I/O and LED status in a single message. Click the blue Stream button to view traffic in real-time.


Open-Source STM32 Nucleo Board Firmware (only for Advanced Developers)

The evaluation application is freely available from ARM mBed and can be downloaded and modified. The Firmware can be modified as per custom requirements and can be compiled on the ARM mBed platform. Successful code compilation will generate a Binary File(.bin format) which can be flashed on the STM32 Nucleo Board.


Last updated: Aug 24, 2021

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