Point to Multipoint--broadcasting or polling

There are several ways to configure a point-to-multipoint polling system. The XStream, XCite, XTend, 802.15.4 and DigiMesh modules come default in a peer-to-peer broadcast mode where if any radio transmits all other radios receive the message and pass it directly to their host device. If the protocol being used on top of the radio modems has a built-in addressing scheme for network communication (such as with most RS485 networks), then the radio modems can be operated in their default transparent configuration. In default configuration the hosts connected to the radios can simply send and receive data as though they were connected to a multidrop wired system.

If the system has no addressing protocol built in it may be appropriate to use the addressing that is built in to Digi radio modules. Essentially, modules that have the same address will communicate with each other. Modules with different values will not communicate with each other.

A polling system could also be set up with the radios as follows. Remote devices can be assigned a unique address. The base radio then sets its destination address to the remote device it wishes to communicate to.You may also set the base radio''''s address to the broadcast address, so that all remotes receive every message. Similarly, the remote's will set their destination addresses to match the source address of the base radio.  This allows the remotes to communicate to the base radio and not to each other directly. 
Last updated: Aug 23, 2017

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