Weather proof antennas

The half-wave antennas that ship with Digi PKG products are not weatherproof and should not be installed outdoors. 

Digi offers an antenna that is less susceptible to weather because it does not have the articulated joint with the exposed cable. The 900MHz antenna part number is A09-HSM-7. 

To install the A09-HSM-7 antenna drill a ¼" hole in the bottom of your enclosure and protrude the radio modem's bulk-head RPSMA connector out, securing it in place with the provided washer and nut. If the radio modem's location inside the enclosure does not permit the RPSMA connector to protrude, an RF cable can be purchased in lengths of 1'', 4'', 6'', 10'', or 20'' to extend the RPSMA connector to the drilled hole. 

An even better option, though more expensive, is the A09-FxNF antenna which has an N-type (female) RF connector. An RF cable can be purchased in lengths of 1'', 4'', 6'', 10'', or 20'' to adapt from the radio modem's RPSMA (female) connector to the antenna's N-type (female) connector. 

To install the A09-FxNF antenna drill a ½" hole in the enclosure to fit the RF cable through to the radio modem. The antenna does not have a bulk-head fitting so it will need to be mounted to the edge of the enclosure or a nearby pole. NOTE: it is important to install the antenna at least 6 inches away from any nearby metal (further away is better). Mounting brackets and instructions for installation are provided with the antenna. 

Digi provides 2.4GHz antennas as well. All 2.4GHz dipole antennas have an articulating joint, which does not make them weatherproof. Digi does however provide several outdoor patch antennas. These are mounted with a standard U-bolt.
Last updated: Aug 23, 2017

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