XBee firmware revision history and identification

XBee ZigBee (Series 2) Firmware Identification

XBee ZigBee firmware version numbers will have 4 significant digits. All numbers are hexadecimal and can have a range from 0-F. A version can be reported as "ABC" or "ABCD". Digits ABC are the main release number and D is the revision number from the main release.

B is a variant designator, the following variants exist:

  • "0" - ZigBee Coordinator Code, AT Command Mode (AP = 0)
  • "1" - ZigBee CoordinatorCode, API Mode (AP = 1,2)
  • "2" - ZigBee Router / End Device Code, AT Command Mode (AP = 0)
  • "3" - ZigBee Router / End Device Code, API Mode (AP = 1,2)
  • "4" - Zigbee Router Code, 1 Wire Sensor
Example: Firmware release 23A7 is the 2xA7 firmware for a Router/End Device in API mode.

All releases will have an even number for C. All Beta developments will have an odd number for C.

D is not required and if it is not present, a 0 is assumed for D. 

Beta Firmware

Beta firmware versions are available for limited release only. To request firmware for Beta testing please contact Digi support at Support.Wizards@digi.com.


Firmware Revision History


Release notes for firmware releases can typically be found in the firmware download page for the product in question:

XBee: ZigBee
XBee: 802.15.4
XBee: 2.4 DigiMesh
XBee Pro 900
XBee Pro 900 DigiMesh
XBee Pro XSC

Be aware that the release notes for newer firmware may not be on the website yet. If the release notes are not present, you can request it directly from Digi Support at Support.Wizards@digi.com.


Downloading firmware

Released XBee firmware are available from the X-CTU program for general download. To download released versions:

  1. Go to the Modem Configuration tab in X-CTU.
  2. Click on Download New Versions and select Web.
  3. You may need to disable your firewall in order to download new versions.
Note that downloading the firmware does not automatically update any modules attached.
To update the firmware on an XBee:
  1. In Modem Configuration, click Read to get the current settings off of the radio.
  2. In the Version dropdown box, select the desired firmware revision.
  3. Click Write to update the firmware.

Last updated: Aug 23, 2017

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