XLR PRO and Serial Communications

Most understand that the XLR PRO can be used for Ethernet Bridging.  But did you know that it also supports RS232, RS485 and RS22 communications?

This is done by using the RJ 45 port between the Serial Data LED's and the RSSI LED. (Digi Recommends that you use the provided black RJ45 to DB9 adapter and a straight-thru cable when using the Serial communications. If you do not have the black RJ45 to DB9 adapter, than it is best to create a cable that follows the pin-out listed on page 26 of the User's Guide.

Once you have the serial port connection worked out, use the following settings to configure the XLR PRO for serial communications:

Radio 1                              Radio 2
DL = SL of Radio 2             DL = SL of radio 1
DH = SH of Radio 2            DH = SH of radio 1

Set the BD value to the desire rate on both radios.

At this point, you should be able to pass data from one radio to the next.
Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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