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Digi EX15 Cellular Extender

Oct 17, 2019 | Length: 2:28

Watch this video to see how Retailers can meet their customer engagement and growth strategy goals by bringing their own network to client or shared sites, and remotely switch between carriers for backup connectivity as well.

A slow network or no connection cannot be tolerated by Retail stores and branch locations because they increasingly rely on fast and affordable broadband access for many internal uses and to increase customer convenience and perception of the brand. The new Digi EX15 LTE cellular extender, with Wi-Fi, not only helps improve customer experiences, it protects against network disruptions and the risk of lost revenue or a damaged reputation if the primary network connection goes down. As an easily upgradeable business continuity solution to fit varying operational needs, and with speeds from Cat 3 to Cat 11, Digi EX15 can function as the primary or backup network connection when the primary network fails or is disrupted by a downed power line, cyber-attack, bad weather or simple human error.
In addition to a failover solution, Digi EX15 can be used for primary connectivity for high-bandwidth digital signage, kiosks, ATMs, POS terminals, even temporary or seasonal pop-up stores that only need a temporary connection. In fact, you can instantly deploy primary or failover connectivity, to any location quickly and seamlessly with zero-touch provisioning with device and cloud management tools.