Cellular Simplified: Introducing the Digi XBee 3 LTE-M/NB-IoT Smart Modem

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August 09, 2018

With over 15 million modules deployed, Digi XBee® is the world's #1 choice for embedded wireless connectivity. With the introduction of Digi XBee 3 Cellular LTE-M/NB-IoT, Digi has simplified the task of integrating the latest LTE and low-power wide-area (LPWA) technology into IoT devices. What makes LTE-M/NB-IoT such a great fit for wirelessly connecting a wide range of applications? Here are six good reasons:

  • Low Power Consumption: Most devices can last years with Power Savings Mode (PSM) and Extended Discontinuous Reception (eDRX).
  • Greater Coverage: Cellular networks are nearing almost complete coverage and are suitable for indoor and outdoor deployments.
  • Enhanced Security: Digi TrustFence® provides a tested and fully integrated security framework designed for the industrial IoT. The built-in security of Digi TrustFence gives you secure connections, authenticated boot, encrypted data storage, secure JTAG, secure software updates, and TLS v1.2 for secure over-the-air data transmissions.
  • Efficient Data Transfer: Enabled by small, intermittent blocks of data
  • Network Availability: As carriers continue to build out their networks to the furthest and remotest areas, there are fewer limits to where you can deploy.
  • Decreasing Costs: Many carriers are rolling out data plans expressly targeting the unique nature of IoT devices, making cellular connectivity a far more affordable option.

Another good reason is how easy it is to integrate with AWS IoT Core. Digi international is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, and the Digi XBee 3 Cellular LTE-M/NB-IoT is a smart cellular modem that is AWS verified to work with AWS IoT. With built-in Digi TrustFence® security, MicroPython programmability, MQTT connectivity, and TLS 1.2 encryption and bi-directional authentication make it easy to connect to AWS IoT Core. Watch the video below to see everything included in the kit and for a step-by-step tutorial on connecting Digi XBee 3 Cellular directly to AWS IoT Core.

Digi XBee 3 offers the largest selection of global protocols and frequencies, with one-socket-simplicity, to connect IoT networks around the world. Simple software tools enable the convenience to connect to locally or remotely configured devices.

The Digi XBee 3 form factor can future-proof designs with ongoing connectivity to new technologies as they emerge, giving product designers flexibility to swap out radios for different regions of the globe. Digi XBee 3 allows customers to accelerate time to market and minimize costs with the right combination of easy-to-use hardware, software, and a library of helpful resources. Digi XBee 3 modules also share a common API and AT command set allowing customers to substitute one module for another, or event switch protocols with minimal development time and risk. And if that isn't enough, you can embed your own custom logic using the popular MicroPython environment.

Digi Remote Manager

Sidestep the frustrations, roadblocks, and pitfalls of RF projects with Digi Remote Manager®, a multiplatform, intuitive application that lets you easily set up, configure, test, and deploy Digi XBee 3 modules. Digi Remote Manager along with Digi XCTU® includes all of the software tools you need to get up and running with Digi XBee 3, fast.

Digi XBee® Ecosystem

Furthermore, the Digi XBee® Ecosystem™ offers a full range of hardware, software, and resources to quickly bring connectivity to devices. From a full library of technical documentation and articles to the largest collection of Digi XBee projects on the web, you can draw inspiration from a broad range of useful examples, guides, videos, and tutorials for your next idea. Whether you're just learning about wireless communication and Digi XBee 3 or you're an experienced developer, you can consult the Digi Knowledge Base for IoT information and tips and the Digi Forum where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members in the community. From prototyping to end-to-end connectivity solutions, count on Digi XBee Ecosystem examples, guides, tips, libraries, and software tools for guidance.

Digi XBee Tools

Digi XBee now has an expanding suite of tools designed to expedite every aspect of your IoT product journey, from development to manufacturing, deployment and ongoing device management. 

>>Download the new whitepaper Advantages of Digi XBee 3 Cellular for more information on the key advantages of this cellular solution.
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