Meet the Digi EX15 Cellular Extender for Retail and Enterprise Connectivity

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October 17, 2019

The new Digi® EX15 LTE cellular extender is an affordable high-speed device designed to help improve the customer experience in retail stores and branch locations. This powerful little cellular device is designed to provide primary or backup connectivity in an easy-to-install unit for fast, low-cost broadband access.

Solving Connectivity Challenges in Retail

A slow network connection — or worse, no network connection — is an enormous challenge if you have a retail business, as it can impact your ability to perform transactions. Network connectivity can be especially problematic if you have a brick and mortar business in a location with spotty Internet connectivity. If your store is like many retail stores, branch offices, c-stores and QSRs today, you may find that broadband is critical, not only for internal use, but for your customers’ convenience as well.

Digi EX15, with optional Wi-Fi 4/5, protects businesses from network disruptions to help mitigate the risk of lost revenue or a damaged reputation if the primary connection fails. As a reliable and scalable business continuity solution – and with speeds that support today’s business needs (up to Cat 11) – it can support high-bandwidth applications. These can include video streaming for uses such as onsite company training sessions and Internet-connected security cameras.

Keeping Your Business Connected

Failover is a term that describes how a backup cellular system steps in as an always-ready, low-cost standby Internet connection when the primary network fails or is disrupted by problems such as a downed power line, cyber-attack, bad weather or human error. As most retailers are well aware, the associated downtime can result in the loss of credit card transactions, PCI compliance and sales – along with frustrated staff and customers. By ensuring that a backup connection kicks-in when the primary connection fails, your stores, offices, signage, kiosks and POS terminals will maintain business continuity and avoid negative consequences.

In addition to business continuity, Digi EX15 can be used for primary connectivity for digital signage, kiosks, ATMs, and even temporary or seasonal pop-up stores that only need temporary bandwidth. In fact, you can instantly deploy primary or failover connectivity, including customer Wi-Fi, to any location quickly and painlessly with fully integrated cellular extenders, zero-touch provisioning and device and cloud management tools. Meet your customer engagement and growth strategy goals by bringing your own network to client or shared sites, and remotely switch between carriers for backup connectivity. All while monitoring connections, devices (Digi or third-party) and network health with real-time tracking and alerts across all locations with Digi Remote Manager® (Digi RM).

Dual SIMs Let You Switch Carriers On-the-fly

Powered by upgradeable Digi CORE plug-in LTE modems with dual SIM cards and Carrier Smart Select™, Digi EX15 takes a modular approach to connectivity and improves business continuity with high-performance LTE, and will automatically switch between carriers if one connection is compromised. You can select the modem that best fits your business needs with the ability to upgrade devices – for example, to ensure your technology remains current – rather than completely replacing the unit as new technologies emerge or requirements change. For example, North American and European certified modules include support for LTE (Cat 3 and Cat 4) and LTE-Advanced (Cat 6 and Cat 11).



Digi EX15 cellular extenders provide affordable communication connectivity, and ship with everything needed for rapid installation, saving at least twenty minutes per install. The product comes equipped with a site survey battery that lets you quickly identify the optimal mounting location for the strongest cellular signal. Additionally, a PoE injector eliminates the need for a power cord and mounting accessories. This lets you install the device on dry wall, drop ceilings, unfinished open ceilings or glass, wherever you find the best signal.

Security First

In addition to reliable high-speed cellular connectivity to back up your business transactions, Digi EX15 has built-in Digi TrustFence®, a device security framework designed to simplify the process of securing connected devices. TrustFence enables organizations to adapt to new and evolving cyber threats as they emerge over time. This framework includes secure boot, protected ports, encrypted storage and ongoing best-practice security monitoring.

In Summary

As the IoT becomes more pervasive across retail enterprises, the need for secure, reliable network connectivity that supports both primary and backup requirements becomes even more of an imperative. Digi EX15 supports the needs of retail with the latest wireless technology capabilities designed to fit the most challenging store applications and branch environments.

For additional product information visit the Digi EX15 page or see the full breadth of retail industry solutions at Or contact us to help identify the right solution for your specific requirements.

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