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Smart Cities

Smart Cities services range from public safety and traffic management to intelligent lighting and water treatment—the cannot-fail public infrastructure that everyone depends on.

Growing urban populations place enormous demands on public services, but today IoT offers answers to municipalities on lean budgets. Look to smarter devices that can connect your city like never before.

Exceed public expectations

Integrate data from thousands of remote sensors and cameras to reduce traffic congestion, optimize transit performance, and maintain services availability.

Maximize public budgets

Use data collected from city systems to analyze performance, plan maintenance, lower energy costs, and dynamically adjust transit and parking prices.

Manage complex systems

Proven Digi wireless modules and gateways connect existing infrastructure for remote monitoring and management in real time.

Reduce response times

Track the location and condition of public safety vehicles to predict maintenance needs and ensure operational readiness.

Traffic Management

Intelligent communication solutions that help manage, monitor and control vehicle and pedestrian traffic to improve flow and increase capacity.

Digi TX54
Rugged, secure FirstNet Ready router for public safety networks

TransPort WR31

Intelligent 4G LTE router designed for critical infrastructure and industrial applications More

Digi IX14
Reliable LTE industrial router powered by an enhanced operating system More

Digi Remote Manager
Comprehensive IoT device monitoring for secure asset control More

Smart traffic management systems apply controllers, communications, displays and sensor technologies to surface transportation infrastructure. Cities can deploy these systems to quickly retrofit existing infrastructure and support greater traffic capacity without the cost and disruption of widening or adding more roadways. With these highly adaptive systems, cities can gather more city-wide data and exert more control at intersections by implementing a dependable, high-speed communications network.

Digi delivers the cellular communications necessary between IoT devices and assets to a centralized traffic management control center.

Adaptive Real-time Control
With Digi technology as the communications backbone, adaptive control methods can detect vehicle congestion and trigger changes to traffic signal timing. By integrating smart traffic technology into their existing traffic management infrastructure, cities can optimize their traffic systems for changing conditions. This capability is critical for coordinating routes for first responders in emergencies. It utilizes current congestion data and vehicle location to determine and adjust traffic signal timing for the fastest possible route to the incident.

Optimize Safety and Security
Transportation systems require the highest levels of security and reliability – making accurate, real-time communications between remote equipment and control centers a necessity so that safety, efficiency and other traffic improvements can be optimized.

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Intelligent Lighting Controls

Long-range RF and cellular solutions for intelligent lighting control systems

Digi XBee Cellular
Embedded cellular LTE Cat 1 modem for IoT applications More


900 MHz and 2.4 GHz RF embedded modules More

Digi ConnectPort X4 Gateway
Ruggedized cellular routing gateways More

Digi Remote Manager
Manage, monitor and configure remote devices More

Lighting the streets and public spaces in cities around the globe is one of the biggest expenses for local governments. Digi wirelessly enables intelligent street lighting systems that remotely monitor and manage pertinent electrical parameters and control the light in a variety of ways – from dimming the lights during peak hours to setting schedules so groups of lights can be turned on and off at set times to conserve energy. With intelligence at the lamp, these systems can also send alerts when something goes wrong. This eliminates the need to physically inspect the system on a regular basis which greatly reduces maintenance costs.

Optimize Safety & Security
Connecting lighting assets across a metropolitan area allows cities to monitor the status of lamps on roadways, parks, transit stations and other public areas.

Lower Operational Costs
By enabling communication and centralized control of lights, cities can reduce energy consumption, improve maintenance and lower CO2 emissions.

Predictive Maintenance
With intelligence at the lamp level, maintenance departments can schedule maintenance resources more effectively.

Water & Wastewater

Digi asset monitoring for wells, lift stations, sewers and water/wastewater plants.

Digi Connect Sensor+
Low-cost, battery-powered gateway for well, aquifer, reservoir and sewer level monitoring. More

TransPort WR31

Intelligent 4G LTE router designed for critical infrastructure and industrial applications More

Digi One

Communicate with all SCADA equipment, including RTUs, PLCs, pumps, actuators and sensors. More

Failure is not an option.
Manual processes, outdated technology and surging labor and upkeep costs are putting a strain on the water and wastewater industry. That’s where Digi can help you improve efficiencies, cut costs and increase operational control with wireless monitoring for wells, lift stations, sewers and other water treatment systems with communications solutions that perform in the harshest of environments.

Digi connects local and remote assets making it easy for treatment facilities to upgrade, automate and manage critical control systems. Essential systems can be readily networked to make sure water levels, flowage and other key monitoring and performance data are delivered in a timely, consistent and accurate manner – so plant managers can make quicker and more informed decisions that will keep water quality safe and sound.

Digi connects your complex world.
Digi offers a broad array of connectivity solutions specifically designed for water and wastewater treatment plant monitoring, SCADA communications, chemical usage, pump house and flow control – even remote video surveillance.

By connecting critical assets, Digi give you a new level of insight into plant operations making it easier for plant managers to monitor and maintain critical equipment in order to verify reliability and extend longevity. Two-way wireless connectivity between assets, displays and sensors lets plant managers set thresholds and alerts, reduce or eliminate manual processes, optimize safety and security – especially in dangerous work areas – and help avoid overflows and fines.


Wired and wireless connectivity solutions to help secure people, facilities and assets

Digi Cellular Routers
3G/4G/LTE enterprise class cellular routers More


900 MHz and 2.4 GHz RF embedded modules More

ConnectCore SOMs
Ultra-compact, highly integrated system-on-module solutions More

Digi delivers wireless connectivity for security devices such as cameras, drones and sensors. High bandwidth wireless connectivity enable real-time full motion video and high resolution picture transmission allowing security professionals to view a location, in real-time, prior to taking action. Remote alarm monitoring allows false alarms to be disregarded without incurring the cost of going to the location as well as avoiding false law enforcement dispatch. Additionally, user interaction with home or business security systems, via any mobile device, allow for notifications to a mobile devices as well as remote user control.

Mission-critical reliability
Be assured of reliability, long product lifespan, and persistent network connections for mission-critical communications. Digi’s wireless solutions are built to withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, and vibration. They have been proven in the field by emergency services and first responders.

Gain Real-Time Diagnostics
Maximize uptime and minimize the overall lifecycle cost of high-value assets through real-time collection and monitoring of equipment data.

Easy to Deploy, Integrate and Maintain
Get new services to new markets faster with open and proven wireless technologies that allow rapid design and easy integration, with a services platform that enables fast deployment and cost-effective maintenance and support.

Reduce Time-to-Market
Digi offers an array of interface options with open development tools and wireless devices pre-certified with global network operators for guaranteed connectivity.

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