Digi X-ON Platform Premium Edition Subscription

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Digi X-ON Platform Premium Edition Subscription

Digi X-ON™ is a complete device-to-cloud platform for connected IoT devices. The platform provides a data-ready device solution from development to operation. Digi X-ON contains an integrated LoRaWAN network server and JOIN server to support devices and gateways that use the LoRaWAN wireless connectivity standard. Digi X-ON also contains a web server for hosting web applications and platform management services. Digi X-ON with LoRaWAN provides cloud-enabled secure, long-range and low-power wireless connectivity for self-built or commercial off-the-shelf LoRaWAN devices.

The Digi X-ON platform is designed to collect and analyze data directly from devices and manage the wireless network base stations that provide campus, city or nationwide coverage. Digi X-ON and LoRaWAN support many different applications and use cases such as connected cities, smart utility, industrial IoT and smart agriculture.

Learn more at digi.com/lorawan.

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