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Rail and Road-ready Routers Built for Security, Performance and Value

Digi offers a full range of routers ideally suited for the unique demands of wireless connectivity for data on the move. Digi routers are the wireless backbone for transportation connectivity.

High-Speed Data Traffic

Get more on-the-move capacity with drop-in simplicity. Digi WR64 dual-mode routers are easily configured for both public passenger high-speed Internet access and isolated private vehicle data communication.

Simple and Secure Control

Keep deployments on track – update firmware, schedule and automate tasks – all from your desktop or tablet. Configure, monitor and manage moving and multi-location connectivity with Digi Remote Manager®.

Rugged Performance

Digi WR54 routers deliver affordable, high-speed LTE-Advanced and Wi-Fi connectivity in demanding applications and challenging environments.
Digi WR64

Public Transport Applications

  • High-speed passenger Wi-Fi
  • On-board security video
  • Infotainment and digital signage
  • Operator VoIP
  • Fare collection
  • Automated passenger counter
  • Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD)
  • Automated Vehicle Location (AVL)
Digi WR54

Public Safety Applications

  • Body worn camera
  • Automated license plate reader
  • Delayed shutdown
  • Mobility tablet
  • Personal alert safety system
  • Vehicle CAN bus
  • Vehicle camera
  • Location (GPS)

Drop-in deployment with simple, secure remote control

Count on 30 years of experience with millions of deployed devices for industry-leading connectivity and expertise. Digi Remote Manager® gives you a single, secure platform to access data and manage devices from anywhere. Simple, secure control keeps your deployments on track – edit configurations, update firmware, monitor, schedule and automate tasks – all from your desktop or tablet.

Digi Remote Manager
Digi WR64

The New Standard for Dual Redundant Communications

The new dual-mode Digi WR64 router is built for challenging transportation and mobile environments. Dual cellular and Wi-Fi modules provide true segmented public and private communication. Get more on-the-move connectivity and capacity with a simple drop-in solution – the new Digi WR64 Router.

PTC Solutions

Learn how Digi is helping railroads overcome the PTC challenge.

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See how Digi is helping transportation agencies consolidate on-board communications.

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Read how rail-certified cellular communications can accelerate Positive Train Control (PTC) connectivity and compliance.

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LTE Network Migration

Five considerations before moving to 4G, 5G and beyond.

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