Are RF module variants of two different countries compatible with each other ?

It is not possible for two Digi RF module variants (like XBee Pro SX 900) of different countries to communicate with each other. There is also no option available to make them compatible by software and/or hardware calibration.

The primary reason behind this incompatibility is allocation of different frequency band for communication by different regions around the globe. For instance, while Australia permits RF products to operate between 915 MHz - 928 MHz, it is limited between 920 MHz - 925 MHz in Singapore.

Since all our RF product in 900 MHz band make use of FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) modulation, all enabled frequency channels are utilized for communication. This rules out the possibility of using a common channel for operation which is available on modules of two different countries.

Frequency band approved by different regions for RF operations:
Region Available Frequency Band
United States/Canada  902 - 928 MHz
Brazil  902 - 907 MHz & 915 - 928 MHz
EU region  Not Permissible (868 MHz available)
India  Not Permissible (865 MHz available)
Singapore  920 - 925 MHz
Australia  915 - 928 MHz
Last updated: Sep 21, 2022

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