How to get the Support Report file from a DAL device

When opening a case to Digi Tech Support related to a device running DAL OS (Note1), it is particularly useful to include a Support Report file.

Generating a Support Report will take the complete configuration, log files and different status info (IPsec, routing, interfaces) of the device.

All those files are packaged into a .bin file, that will provide a snapshot of the DAL device when the file is generated and can be downloaded from the local WEB UI or from Digi Remote Manager (DRM) as explained below.



  • Log into the IX10 WebUI as a user with full Admin access rights
  • On the main menu, click System. Under Administration, click Support Report

  • Click    to generate and download the Support Report:

The Support Report file will be then generated and downloaded to the download folder of the browser.


Digi Remote Manager

If you have a DRM account, you can now very easily get the Support Report directly from there.

  • Login into your DRM account with an Administrator user
  • Select the device from the list (it must be in a connected state), then click on Actions and select the “Download Support Report” from the drop down menu (you can search for it to immediately find it):

  • Click on “Generate and Download”:

  • The Support will be then generated:

Then, it will be downloaded to the download folder of the browser.


Note1:  This is currently the list of devices based on the DAL operating system:

Note2: With both methods, will be downloaded a .bin file, named with the MAC address/date/time:

Sometimes (especially when sending more reports for different devices/scenario), can be useful to rename it to highlight for example that the report reflects a specific test/issue.

Last updated: Jun 19, 2024

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