XBee Firmware Upgrade with Digi Remote Manager (Digi firmware)

How do you perform a firmware upgrade via an RCI request on an XBee Cellular module?


First, it should be noted that not all firmware updates will be possible or recommended via the Digi Remote Manager.  Some will require the use of the UART or USB port.

For the majority of the updates, the following process can be used:

* Log into your Digi Remote Manager account.

* Start by uploading the desired firmware file to: 

              Data Services > Data Files > my_tasks directory.

              Navigate to the Documentation and API explorer page.

              Using the POST function, send the following:

<sci_request version="1.0">
<device id="00010000-00000000-Enter your Devices ID Here"/>

You should get something like the following back indicating the process has been executed.

<sci_reply version="1.0">
    <device id="00010000-00000000-Your devices ID">
        <target number="0">
          <name>Encrypted Binary Image</name>

Last updated: Apr 19, 2019

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