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T-Minus Two Days Until IoTFuse Ignites Minnesota’s IoT Space

Over the last few years, IoTFuse has transformed into the largest IoT conference in Minnesota creating a massive network of makers, engineers, product leaders and IoT professionals. The annual IoTFuse: Conference 2017 provides an invigorating and collaborative opportunity for the Minnesota Internet of Things community to map the future of the IoT marketplace. Digi is proud to be a leader in the emerging IoT industry in Minnesota and excited to sponsor the largest IoT community in the Midwest. Get to know our speakers, check out product demonstrations to investigate, and register – possibly for free.

#IoTFuse17 Speaker Spotlight

There are approximately 48 presentations with prominent speakers from Minnesota-based companies including Otto Doll, CIO of the City of Minneapolis and Ryan McCoy, Director of Product Development at Target.

How to Win the IoT Future, Without Losing Your Shirt
Senior Vice President – Research and Development, Chief Technical Officer, Joel Young, will define the Internet of Things and how to develop successful projects. He has a great story to tell with his 30 years of experience in the technology industry and 16 years here at Digi International transforming the Internet of Things space while collecting 16 patents. In December of 2016, the IoT M2M Council (IMC) Board of Governors voted him as their new Chairman and he was recently featured in the Meet a Minnesota CTO series.


Accelerating IoT Development
This presentation offers guidelines to success in the IoT world from two leaders and engineers who would know. Kyle Sporre and Steve Jester will discuss important designs to consider, speeding up development, ROI, and setbacks to avoid. As the Manager of RF and Hardware Engineering at Digi International Wireless Design Services (WDS), Kyle Sporre has 15 years of experience in wireless product development and a passion for solving unique IoT challenges. Senior Director of Engineering, Steve Jester has been an engineer for 24 years, with 12 years of experience in professional design services. His passion is to build successful engineering teams.


Product Demonstrations

Be sure to visit us at IoTFuse Conference 2017 to see our newest product introductions in action. Digi XBee Cellular, Digi Connect Sensor+, and Digi ConnectCore 6UL demonstrations will be on display at the Digi exhibit. In addition, there will be giveaway opportunities to check out.

Win Free Tickets

We have two tickets valued at $100 each to attend this invaluable event. To be eligible to win, tag who you would like to bring with in the comment section below our pinned LinkedIn post. A winner will be chosen at random and announced on Thursday, April 20 at 10:00 AM CT time. Winners must be able to attend IoTFuse: Conference 2017 on Friday, April 28 from 8:00 – 5:00 PM at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

>> Register now for IoTFuse: Conference 2017 >>

4 Reasons to Attend SOM Success Story Webinar 3/29

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With nearly a century of experience, the electric car pioneer Frazer-Nash designed the first zero-emission taxi in London. The hardware and software design teams spent 16 months trying to develop a chip-down solution before deciding to use a SOM from Digi. Frazer-Nash have since lowered development costs and improved its software throughput by a factor of 15x.

Join us and Digi-Key Electronics on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 11 AM ET as we host Frazer-Nash for a live webinar discussion of why they chose a SOM for their design. Below are four reasons to attend and see how systems on modules can improve your wireless designs:

1. Get a behind the scenes look at Frazer-Nash’s evaluation and design process
The Digi ConnectCore 6 system-on-module is one of the few design components not created in-house at Frazer-Nash, there was an extensive evaluation process and ROI hurdles before making the final decision. It is not very common that engineers will share the hidden design process but in this webinar you will hear first-hand what made this project a success with the following:
• Customer insights that directed design and decision making
• Challenges around power consumption
• Environmental, shock, and vibration
• Wireless connectivity
• Size/form factors for a variety of digital displays
• Manufacturability, quality, and certifications

2. Meet the experts behind powering the world’s first zero-emission cab
The Frazer-Nash design teams were led by two engineering experts who will be featured in this webinar and a Digi project expert. Learn more about these speakers:

Greg Starns, Executive Director Software Development Group, Frazer-Nash

“Digi’s solutions were one of the few technologies developed outside of Frazer-Nash and had to meet an incredibly high standards,” said Greg Starns, executive director of software, Frazer-Nash. “The Digi ConnectCore 6 has given us all the capabilities we had hoped for while cutting our development time 15-fold. Its intelligence and usability fell perfectly in line with what we expect from our own development.”


Steven Riddel, Electronics Design Manager, Frazer-Nash







Terry Schneider, VP Product Management, Digi International

3. Receive answers to the most common questions of how SOMs can improve your wireless design
• When does it make sense to use a SOM?
• How do you assess SOM features for your project?
• What are key drivers in selecting a SOM provider?
• How to choose the right wireless protocol for your application?
• What software and tools will support your application?
• How to factor in security into your connected product?
4. Win a FREE development kit
For a chance to win a FREE Digi ConnectCore 6 Development Kit, (1) register for the webinar, (2) follow @DigiDotCom and (3)Tweet at us using the Hashtag #DigiSOMs from now through March 29, 2017 for your chance to win a FREE Digi ConnectCore 6 Development Kit.

Register now for this SOMs Success Story >>

3 Reasons to Attend the Digi Europe 2017 IoT Conference

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This Year’s Focus: The Rising Tide of Security Threats. Learn the Risks and How to Stay Ahead of the Threat

From medical devices, fitness trackers and smart thermostats to tank sensors, intelligent streetlights and water monitors, the Internet of Things is in more places than ever before. And by relying on wireless networks, hundreds of millions of IoT devices present an even greater “attack surface,” making them frontline targets for competitors, hackers, disgruntled employees and other bad actors. Digi understands that security is one of the most critical concerns for engineers designing networks to support the growing number of connected IoT devices.

Digi knows security. In fact, we have securely connected millions of devices over the past decade. That’s why this year’s Connect with Confidence Conference takes a special look at security to help answer your questions about the kinds of threats that can disrupt your devices. We will give you the tools and knowledge to navigate security considerations before they become threats, so you can design the best-in-class IoT products and applications your organization deserves.

Still need a reason to head to Munich this March? We’ll give you three:

1. Meet Product and Technical Experts
Meet engineers and Digi product leaders and get answers to the most-asked technical questions about embedded, RF, network and cellular technologies. Learn all about the latest Digi products, and discuss your specific technical requirements in detail.

2. Hear from Real Digi Customers
Why do customers choose Digi for the M2M applications that matter most to them? Learn how several industry-leading customers are using Digi products to solve real IoT business challenges in the Industrial arena.

3. Schedule 1:1 Meetings with Digi Leaders
Take advantage of this exclusive, invitation-only opportunity for you and your team to meet the Digi executive team, including our President and CEO, Chief Technical Officer and Chief Operating Officer. Engineers and product leaders from each business unit are also standing by to review the latest Digi offerings and evaluate where you’d like to take your next IoT project.

Register now as a Preferred Digi Customer, and we’ll waive the registration fee! Your admission and hospitality are all provided at no charge (travel and incidental costs not included) – courtesy Digi, your partner for the Internet of Getting Things Done.


What: Digi Europe 2017 | IoT Conference

When: March 1-2, 2017

Where: Munich Airport Marriott Hotel

How: Register here





Digi IoT Roadmap Review: November 2016

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IoT Seminar Series
The Digi executive team started the month off across the globe for the IoT Seminar Series “Connect with Confidence”. This two part series focused on solving mission-critical machine-to-machine communication challenges with expert technical advice and Internet-of-Things product offerings. The intimate set up gave attendees the opportunity to meet one-on-one with key presenters and technical staff to openly answer questions, share customer stories, and discuss product strategies for industrial connectivity, IoT devices, and embedded RF and cellular applications.

Part one of this series took place in Tokyo, Japan on November 1


Part two took place in Shanghai, China on November 2



M2M Webinar
Digi Product Manager went live with Beecham Research, Founder & CEO Robin Duke-Woolley, for the M2M Zone webinar to discuss details of the cellular IoT roadmap, LTE IoT standards and benefits, and how low-power cellular connectivity is a game changer. Listen to the full webinar below and tune in for the next one on January, 12 2017.

Digi traveled to Germany for Electronica 2016 to feature new products, offer customer promotions, and support partnerships. Highlights include connecting with current and new customers, meeting with media, and working with our dedicated partners.
Read more about the show and the IoT highlights here >>>


NXP FTF Connects
Our international team ended the month in Sao Paulo, Brazil to present “Smallest Wireless System-on-Module Platform in the Market for Secure Connected Embedded Devices”. This presentation featured Digi ConnectCore 6 UL, the smallest form factor NXO i.MX6UL System On Module (SOM). View the complete presentation learn more about it’s unique features and benefits specific for embedded device security here>>


Planet e: Electronica and the IOT

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digiThe Digi team had a great time at Electronica 2016, a trade show that takes place every other year in Munich.

This year over 73,000 attendees and 2,800 exhibitors helped the event live up to its billing as “the best place to see the entire world of electronics here—on Planet e.”

But, what impressed us the most was the number of applications and topics, as the Internet of Things (IOT) is bringing innovations that permeate every industry and product category.

Exhibits covered topics ranging from automotive and industrial process control to consumer wearables and connected health. Embedded computing and integrated sensors along with ubiquitous connectivity are truly transforming every industry.

Here are a few creative ways we saw engineers using embedded computing and connectivity:

To learn more about how Digi can help make your product smarter and connected to the IOT click here.

Digi Goes to Nuremberg for Embedded World 2016

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At last week’s Embedded World, we made two exciting announcements. First off, this summer we’ll begin shipping the ConnectCore 6UL development kits. This tiny module, based on the NXP i.MX6UL processor, is just 29mm x 29mm. The CC6UL’s low-power consumption combined with high performance and easy wireless integration will make the module a true game-changer in the Industrial IoT space. More info on the ConnectCore 6UL module is available here.

cc6ul-dimensionsWe also announced a new XBee module in order to support the emerging wireless protocol, Thread. The module will be made available this spring and allow our customers to start designing and testing Thread networks. Thread is an exciting new wireless standard created to improve network reliability, security and power efficiency. We are extremely excited about this new member to the XBee family. Click here to read more about Thread.

Customer Demos
In our booth, we shared the numerous ways our customers are using Digi embedded technology today. Featuring the ConnectCore 6 module, we had our customers Fraser Nash and Furuno on display. Fraser Nash builds zero-emissions taxi cabs for the city of London, while Furuno provides a next-generation platform for commercial marine navigation. Watch the video below to see the Furuno demo in action.

Another fun demo we had was the Parallax ELEV-8 Quadcopter. The quadcopter is equipped with an XBee based telemetry system. Along with the quadcopter, Parallax provides free software to graphically view data from the device such as battery voltage, pitch, orientation, throttle position, and much more. Attendees could power up the quadcopter, pick it up, adjust the throttle, and see all of the telemetry data streaming live on a laptop.


Digi Partners
As we explored the show floor we found an awesome IoT demo in the Digi-Key Electronics booth. It was a wireless sensor network application featuring XBee, Nimbelink cellular module, BeagleBone board, and the Exosite cloud platform. This was truly an end-to-end IoT solution from sensor to cloud.

And just 5 steps away from that end-to-end IoT demo was a wireless charging demo which used XBee to send display information and charging status data between the two devices.

IMG_1647 (2)

Our partner, Mouser, held a development tool giveaway at their booth and one of the prizes was an XBee Wireless Connectivity Kit. Klaus Peitzch was one of the XBee kit winners and he has already started putting it to use! Check out his blog post where he shows how to get started with XBee enabled wireless communications.

img_0370Thanks to everyone that stopped by at Embedded World. It was a valuable show for us and we enjoyed connecting with our partners and customers from around the world!

Here are more links sharing the Digi happenings at Embedded World:

Makers Turn to XBee for Wireless Projects at World Maker Faire 2015

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Another year. Another Maker Faire. And more wireless XBee projects! The Digi team was on the ground at this year’s World Maker Faire in New York and found some impressive XBee projects during the weekend. Here’s a quick recap of the event.

Telemetry for Land and Air
The first XBee project found at Maker Faire was created by Kerron Manwaring. Starting out as just a hobbyist, his passion for electronics drew him to a career in engineering. He was showing off a rover and drone powered by microcontrollers.  As you can see in the pictures below, both of the land and air vehicles had XBee onboard, which he used for sending telemetry.


Tobor – The Giant Robotic Arm
The next project we came across was Tobor, a 12-foot haptic robotic arm. The arm has haptic ability, which means it can be controlled by a glove using movement sensors and motors.  When the user wearing the glove moves his or her hand, Tobor responds by mimicking that movement. How was XBee involved? Commands from the glove telling the arm how to move are sent wirelessly over XBee.


Digi Connections at Maker Faire 
Digi Internship Alumni Jonathan Young showed off his automatic drum machine as well as the Sentry Gun he built using the experience he had over two summers at Digi. Also, Chief Innovator Rob Faludi posed for his annual photo with young maker Quinn of Qtechknow. Quinn has been mentioned in several previous blog posts, he’s been using XBees for at least four years now! Learn more about what he’s up to at his website.


World Maker Faire NYC was as crowded as it’s ever been and we’re already looking forward to the next one. If you didn’t make it out this year,  you can click here to check out Maker Faire’s slideshow of highlights from the weekend.

Recap: Internet of Things North America April 2015

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What happens when a couple hundred technologists, visionaries and business leaders get together in one place? Amazing conversation, new ways of utilizing big data actioned and experiences are shared. We saw it happen this week at Internet of Things North America, a new event that covers advanced connectivity and cloud based monitoring and control of devices, facilities, automobiles and enterprise operations.

An incredible roster of speakers covered IoT topics including:

  • iotnaDan Shey, Practice Director, ABI Research on The Industrial Internet in 2020 and Beyond
  • Maha Muzumdar, VP, Supply Chain, Oracle on IoT and Value Chain of Things
  • Matt Meshulam, TempoIQ  on How Will Your IoT Application Outlive the Hype?
  • Eric Uner, CTO, Redwall Technologies provided an IoT Security Primer
  • Matthew Mikell, Big Data Manager, IBM on a Model for Data Equity
  • Beverly Macy, Instructor, UCLA Anderson School of Management on Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud
  • Thomas Burns, Director for IOT Analytics Software, Intel on The Internet of Things and Manufacturing 

A Few Top Takeaways–

Organizational alignment is a key driver of Internet of Things solutions.
“One of the biggest challenges for organizations today? Alignment goals, measures, performance across functional groups.” - Maha Muzumdar, Oracle

Successful IoT strategies and systems consider the end result first.
“People aren’t buying the tools, they’re buying the end results. Like the saying, ‘we don’t want the hammer and nails we want the picture on the wall.'” - Matt Meshulam, TempoIQ

It’s time for new systems in the enterprise, not just for operational efficiencies, but for the productivity of employees.
“Legacy Tools are failing us…” - Beverly Macy, UCLA

We took the stage and shared how the systems that our customers like Clean Hands Safe Hands, ATEK and Heat Seek have implemented can not only revolutionize customer service, but put data in the hands of employees to set them up for success like never before. As technologists and business leaders, it’s our responsibility to utilize technology to equip great people to do their jobs even better. You can learn about more living Internet of Things solutions here.

Keep an eye out for a recap of our session, we’ll post it here soon.

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