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Digi Announces Support for AWS Greengrass

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We are proud to announce that the Digi ConnectCore® line of connected embedded products based on the NXP i.MX6/6UL application processors now supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT and AWS Greengrass. AWS Greengrass compatibility enables intelligent IoT devices to communicate securely over a local network and exchange messages without having a persistent connection to the cloud.

Dirk Didascalou, VP of IoT at AWS

AWS Greengrass is designed to support edge devices with cloud connectivity. Greengrass Core devices interact directly with the cloud while allowing Greengrass group devices to communicate securely via local networks. Developers can use AWS Greengrass to integrate Lambda functions locally and then conveniently deploy them to connected devices with intermittent connectivity.

Source: Amazon Web Services

Move quickly from idea to prototype to deployment with the powerful combination of AWS Greengrass and Digi ConnectCore:

  • Implemented on Yocto Project Linux for embedded devices
  • Integration of embedded AWS Lambda device level functions
  • Digi TrustFence™ device-level security with features such as secure connections, authenticated boot, and secure physical ports
  • Remote device monitoring with Digi Remote Manager®
  • Secure firmware update to group devices using AWS-based firmware images via the Greengrass Core

“Building connected devices for the industrial IoT requires secure local device level intelligence without dependency on constant connectivity,” said Mike Rohrmoser, director of product management, embedded systems at Digi International. “The unique combination of Digi TrustFence™ device security, local Lambda extensions, Digi Remote Manager® integration, and Amazon Web Services’ Greengrass delivers the vision for the next generation of IoT edge intelligence in embedded devices.”

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Top 5 Questions to Ask When Securely Deploying & Managing Remote Devices

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Does my vendor do Penetration Testing?
Penetration testing, also known as pen testing, tests for vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit on a device, network, or web application. Ideally, device manufacturers should submit to frequent (quarterly) pen testing by external contractors AND ad-hoc pen testing by interested customers.

What security certifications does my vendor maintain?
You want to see an active security office and security model, not just lip service. Having a dedicated security office means ensuring that security best practices are incorporated into the engineering design process. This approach incorporates accepted guidelines and processes that take into consideration product design and testing such as those defined by the third party organizations such as the American Society for Quality/ Failure Mode Effects Analysis; iSixSigma/DFMEA; ISO9001 SDLC, Penetration Testing Execution Standard and OWASP; as well as emerging standards such as the Online Trust Alliance (OTA).

How does/should my vendor generate true random numbers and secure key storage?
A secret code is only as good as the random number it is based on. Computers are inherently deterministic—so how can they make a truly random number? True Hardware Random Number Generators (TRNG) use the random properties of the physical world to create truly random numbers based on quantum noise.

When Was Your Vendor Last Audited, What Did They Find, and What Did You Do About It?
Does your vendor provide ongoing threat measurement and monitoring services as well as performing internal and external security audits on a regular basis? Regular audits ensure up-to-date security patches, and provide ongoing proactive communication regarding upcoming threats. Certain industry security frameworks, like PCI DSS require these regular audits.

What will this cost us?
As a general rule, you should only pay a recurring fee if the vendor is making a recurring investment. For example, you should pay once for a great firewall and you should pay ongoing for ongoing device management. It is a good idea to make evaluate the total-cost-of-ownership between different vendors. Our competitor’s total-cost-of-ownership tends to always be higher because they charge for security services, or worse, they offer them at all.

>>Click here to see how to easily integrate device security, device identity, and data privacy capabilities with Digi TrustFence

T-Minus Two Days Until IoTFuse Ignites Minnesota’s IoT Space

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Over the last few years, IoTFuse has transformed into the largest IoT conference in Minnesota creating a massive network of makers, engineers, product leaders and IoT professionals. The annual IoTFuse: Conference 2017 provides an invigorating and collaborative opportunity for the Minnesota Internet of Things community to map the future of the IoT marketplace. Digi is proud to be a leader in the emerging IoT industry in Minnesota and excited to sponsor the largest IoT community in the Midwest. Get to know our speakers, check out product demonstrations to investigate, and register – possibly for free.

#IoTFuse17 Speaker Spotlight

There are approximately 48 presentations with prominent speakers from Minnesota-based companies including Otto Doll, CIO of the City of Minneapolis and Ryan McCoy, Director of Product Development at Target.

How to Win the IoT Future, Without Losing Your Shirt
Senior Vice President – Research and Development, Chief Technical Officer, Joel Young, will define the Internet of Things and how to develop successful projects. He has a great story to tell with his 30 years of experience in the technology industry and 16 years here at Digi International transforming the Internet of Things space while collecting 16 patents. In December of 2016, the IoT M2M Council (IMC) Board of Governors voted him as their new Chairman and he was recently featured in the Meet a Minnesota CTO series.


Accelerating IoT Development
This presentation offers guidelines to success in the IoT world from two leaders and engineers who would know. Kyle Sporre and Steve Jester will discuss important designs to consider, speeding up development, ROI, and setbacks to avoid. As the Manager of RF and Hardware Engineering at Digi International Wireless Design Services (WDS), Kyle Sporre has 15 years of experience in wireless product development and a passion for solving unique IoT challenges. Senior Director of Engineering, Steve Jester has been an engineer for 24 years, with 12 years of experience in professional design services. His passion is to build successful engineering teams.


Product Demonstrations

Be sure to visit us at IoTFuse Conference 2017 to see our newest product introductions in action. Digi XBee Cellular, Digi Connect Sensor+, and Digi ConnectCore 6UL demonstrations will be on display at the Digi exhibit. In addition, there will be giveaway opportunities to check out.

Win Free Tickets

We have two tickets valued at $100 each to attend this invaluable event. To be eligible to win, tag who you would like to bring with in the comment section below our pinned LinkedIn post. A winner will be chosen at random and announced on Thursday, April 20 at 10:00 AM CT time. Winners must be able to attend IoTFuse: Conference 2017 on Friday, April 28 from 8:00 – 5:00 PM at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

>> Register now for IoTFuse: Conference 2017 >>

3 Reasons Wireless is a Great Solution for Demanding Conditions

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The following is an excerpt from our recent brief, Purpose-Built for Industrial Applications. Industrial ecosystems can be unpredictable and are often built in challenging locations. Digi’s wireless solutions help keep industrial applications connected and communicating in the most demanding conditions.

Creating a connected industrial ecosystem requires the installation of a communication infrastructure to accommodate the delivery of data to and from all your facilities and remote assets. Digi communication solutions help you expand remote monitoring into areas that are difficult to access, where power is not available, and even to locations that are outside of your normal network range.



1. Safe and steady wireless communication
Wireless connectivity and cloud-based data storage solutions are making industrial process control systems more productive, more responsive and safer. And it all depends on communication: machines talking to each other—and to users—through wireless communication networks. Digi International provides industrial-grade routers and gateways for secure and reliable network communications. Connectivity is easy with boxed solutions from Digi that are ready-made for diverse environments, from automation and low power to no power, and with or without cellular coverage.

2. Rugged and safety-minded
Inside and out, Digi products are made to withstand the harsh realities of process industries, including temperature extremes, wet/damp conditions and exposure to caustic chemicals and off-gassing. Features like ruggedized enclosures and DIN rail mounting mean you can install our devices anywhere in minutes, and then trust they will provide years of dependable data communication. Bottom line: your employees will spend less time installing, maintaining and reading devices in dangerous or remote areas.

3. Fortified against security threats
Digi LTE routers support advanced VPN, firewall, encryption and authentication tools to ensure the highest cyber security protection standards. In addition to individual software elements, Digi Remote Manager ® provides a centralized, scalable tool for ensuring security across the entire network of remote devices. It is hosted in SSAE-16 certified facilities and in many products, Digi TrustFence™ provides built-in security, giving you immediate access to critical features including secure connections, authenticated boot, encrypted data storage, access-controlled ports, secure software updates, and seamless integration of the dedicated on-module Secure Element (SE). Device Security: Where it matters the most, Digi products include physical security features that help deter hands-on tampering and can alert your team to security breaches. Security features may include SIM covers, specialized screws and lockable enclosures.



Digi System on Module and Avancen Enhance Oral Pain Medication Delivery

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avacen1-smOn a daily basis hospital staff members are outnumbered by patients, which results in heavy workloads and delayed tasks. This has become an agonizing issue when it involves delivering oral pain medication to a patient that is suffering, because as we all know, a minute in pain actually feels like 10 minutes. Even under optimal conditions it can take an average of 10 plus minutes after pressing the call button for a patient to receive painkilling medication.

This is what inspired Avancen to create the world’s first wireless, patient controlled analgesia (PCA) device called Medication on Demand (MOD®). The MOD® is equipped with the Digi RCM6600W system-on-module (SOM) for built-in intelligence, programmability and WiFi connectivity. This FDA approved device is used in hospitals and clinics saving time and making patients more comfortable in hospitals and clinics across the country.

Read more about the Avancen success story here>>

Digi ConnectCore® for i.MX6UL Starter Kit is Now Available!

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The Starter Kit for evaluating the new Digi ConnectCore® for i.MX6UL System-on-Module (SOM) is now available. It delivers an extremely compact and flexible development and rapid prototyping kit as well as a reference design for the Digi ConnectCore® for i.MX6UL, which is suited for use in a wide range of connected applications.

The Starter Board combines a Digi ConnectCore® 6UL SOM built on the low-power NXP i.MX6UL application processor, 256 MB flash, 256 MB RAM, integrated 10/100 Mbit Ethernet, precc-6ul-starter-kit-1-certified dual-band 802.11ac wireless LAN + Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity with an integrated high-efficiency antenna and a focused set of key peripheral interfaces.

The simplified but also rugged board design offers USB host/device connections, microSD storage and embedded expansion connectors for development and prototyping purposes. These include Grove
connectors, which allow you to instantly connect and integrate a wide range of compatible off-the-shelf sensors and peripherals, effortlessly.

Digi’s Yocto Project Linux BSP and software support is provided with full source code access straight out of the box. Whether you are building a connected device for medical, healthcare, energy or industrial applications, or prototyping new connected product concepts, the Digi ConnectCore® for i.MX6UL Starter Kit is the ideal platform to get you started. And if you need additional help with your project, Digi also offers professional support and design services to help you go to market smarter and faster.

Click here to learn more about the Digi ConnectCore® for i.MX6UL and buy your Starter Kit today!

The U.S. Bank Stadium is Set Up for Success with Digi-Equipped Daktronics Scoreboard and Timing System

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As most football fans know, nothing is more mission critical than instantaneous score and time keeping to deliver a successful game-day experience. The Daktronics scoreboard and timing solutions installed at the U.S. Bank Stadium are equipped with Digi Neo ® PCI Express serial port to ensure accurate information is being sent to all the stadium’s scoreboards and clocks in a timely manner.

Digi Neo ® PCI Express serial port was chosen because it outperformed other solutions during testing and for its reliability. This reliability has been established by providing mission-critical connections for many of Minnesota’s successful athletic venues like Target Field (Minnesota Twins), Xcel Energy Center (Minnesota Wild) and TCF Bank Stadium (University of Minnesota), with new equipment currently being installed at Target Center (Minnesota Timberwolves.) Not to mention, Daktronics solutions utilizing Digi connectivity solutions are in use at half of all MLS facilities, 75 percent of NBA facilities, 80 percent of NHL and NFL facilities, and 100 percent of MLB facilities!

Read more here about how Daktronics and Digi Neo ® PCI Express serial port delivers winning solutions for U.S. Bank Stadium.

Traffic Flows Better with Digi TransPort® WR31

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In a recent article for Network World, Deepak Puri nicely summarizes how the Internet of Things is improving the flow of traffic in smart cities. He references data from the Economist that sitting in traffic costs Americans $1700 per year in lost productivity and gas while our cars idle on the freeway (not to mention the stress and anxiety!).

Traffic on Motorway at Rush Hour in Berlin, GermanyBut smart cities are reducing those costs by connecting sensors such as inductive loops buried in the roadway, traffic cameras, and dynamic messages boards, smart cities around the world are improving the flow of traffic.

What’s more, smart cities can take advantage of these connected assets, and improve security and be more efficient in dispatching highway patrol or a service truck for a stalled vehicle. With high-bandwidth 4G LTE connections, Digi TransPort WR31 is helping smart cities around the globe connect their critical infrastructure in ways that improve services that ultimately makes our commute to work in the morning a little less stressful.

Learn more about how smart cities are connecting their critical infrastructure with Digi TransPort WR31>>

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