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April 23, 2019
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April 19, 2019
“We’ve only just begun.” —The Carpenters At Digi, we have been enhancing the MicroPython capabilities in our XBee® line for...
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April 3, 2019
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February 27, 2019
Every Digi® XBee® comes with a huge, free software toolbox called XCTU, for Windows, Mac or Linux. Although the name stands...
Examples & Guides Wireless Configuration with the Digi XBee Mobile App – XCTU for Mobile Rob Faludi
January 25, 2019
Digi XBee® Mobile is an iOS and Android compatible app for connecting and configuring Digi XBee3 devices using their new onboard...
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January 11, 2019
With NRF 2019, “Retail’s Big Show,” upon us, IoT applications in the retail space are on the minds of many....
Examples & Guides Digi XBee3 Cellular SMS ActivityBot Rob Faludi
January 3, 2019
The Digi XBee3® Cellular SMS ActivityBot is an educational robot that can be controlled with text messages from any cell phone, anywhere in the world.
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September 22, 2016
Digi is excited to bring together the power and flexibility of the Digi XBee® ecosystem with Verizon, the world’s largest...
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April 18, 2016
Olsbergs is a leading manufacturer of electro-hydraulic control systems for cranes. Olsbergs was looking to improve efficiency and safety for...
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April 14, 2016
Are there tutorials available for XCTU, or user manuals? Yes, there is a complete help system built into the XCTU...
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March 29, 2016
As everyday life becomes more and more dependent on smartphone usage, always ensuring that your battery is charged has become...
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January 4, 2016
No, it’s not possible to create water out of thin air. But, with a bit of engineering, scientists in Chile...