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Smart Energy

What is Smart Energy?
ZigBee Smart Energy is a ZigBee Alliance public profile that defines a technology platform for monitoring and actively managing energy consumption at the end-user level. This profile identifies eight device types that work cooperatively to report energy consumption by individual users and allow utilities to manage peak loads directly, increasing efficiency, and ultimately allowing consumers to adopt more sensible energy usage habits.

Why Smart Energy?
Solving the energy problems of today goes beyond clean methods of energy production. More than ever, utilities and consumers are looking for ways to reduce energy use, limit waste and increase overall efficiency. Smart Energy technologies make this possible by enabling utilities to directly monitor and manage energy use and empower consumers with individual consumption information.

Your Smart Energy development begins here!
Digi has an unparalleled set of tools to assist you in everything from developing a ZigBee Smart Energy device to deploying a Home Area Network (HAN) or managing an enterprise class network. From the industry's first ZigBee Smart Energy-ready modules to Digi Energy solution bundles, Digi is a leader in Smart Energy innovation.

Artwork courtesy of the ZigBee Alliance

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