3G Network Sunset in 2022 impact on 4G devices

Dear Valued Digi Customer

Carriers have announced that they will be shutting down their 3G network in 2022.  The sunset of the 3G networks may impact some 4G LTE devices.  This situation could cause certain 4G LTE devices using voice centric modems to stop working after the 3G network sunset due to the combined 4G & 3G network.
Digi has identified the list of modems affected, and the corresponding Digi products that have incorporated these modems.

What Happens If I Do Not Update?

If the affected devices are not updated before carriers sunset their 3G networks in 2022, the devices will no longer be able to Register on the carrier network.  The SIM cards within the hardware will look like they are deactivated if the firmware update is not applied.

What You Need To Do

Digi will provide firmware updates for the affected devices to avoid any issues when the 3G network sunset occurs.  Customers are encouraged to update their devices as soon as they are able to when updated firmware is available.
As firmware updates become available they will be linked to this web page in the section below.

What Devices Are Affected?

The following Digi part numbers will be affected by the 3G sunset, and should be updated to the firmware versions listed below:
When you click on the above links you will find instructions on how to complete the firmware updates for each of the identified Digi products. The update instructions are also available on the Digi Support site for each product.

Additional Resources and Services

  • Continue to watch this knowledge base article for any additional updates.
  • Subscribe to the RSS feed on the product support page to be notified of any updates to the page.
  • Contact the Digi Technical Support team at tech.support@digi.com with questions.
  • As a Digi Remote Manager user, the update procedures will highlight how you can update your affected devices quickly and easily over-the-air using Digi Remote Manager
  • If you are not a Digi Remote Manager user, please visit https://www.digi.com/products/iot-platform/digi-remote-manager to get a FREE 90-day trial of Digi Remote Manager to help simplify your update process.
As always, Digi is here to help. The Digi Professional Services team offers expert consulting services for enterprises that need technical assistance with device upgrades. Contact professional.services@digi.com if you would like to review options for updating your devices.
Last updated: Oct 14, 2021

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