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Does Digi have a Device Driver Kit (aka DDK) for my Serial Card product?

Digi International has made a number of Device Driver Kits available as-is for customers who wish to develop applications for Digi Products.  In each case, the documentation will be contained within the zip file for the appropriate product.

Here is where you can download the Device Driver Kits for the following products:

Acceleport Xp:
    zip ddk package
    tar.gz ddk package

Acceleport FEP5 family (includes C/X, EPC/X, Xr, Xr920, Xem, Xe models):
    zip ddk package

    zip ddk package

Datafire Sync 2000:
    zip ddk package
    tar ddk package

Datafire Sync 570:
    tar ddk package
Last updated: Apr 22, 2019

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