Switching to aView from Digi Remote Manager on DAL Devices

Devices with the Digi Accelerated Linux (DAL) Operating System (OS) now default to use Digi Remote Manager (Digi RM) as their management platform as of firmware 20.2.x.  For customers that need to still use the aView platform instead, the below information will guide you through connecting back to aView.

NOTE:  For general information on this change from aView to Digi RM by default, please see the following article.
NOTE:  For information on how to move devices from aView to Digi RM, please see the following article.

How do I change back to aView?

There are 3 methods of making the change back to aView:  Automated, Remote, and Manual.  All 3 methods are described below.

Automated Process

If it is desired to use the automated process, Digi Technical Support will need to assist you.  Please provide Technical Support with the following information in an email to tech.support@digi.com:
  • MAC Addresses of all devices that need to move to aView
Technical Support will work with you through the Support case to complete the automated setup.


Remote Process

Users can send a RCI command with a XML payload that applies the appropriate configuration settings to have one or more devices sync with aView.  To do so:

  1. Navigate to the API Explorer tab on the Documentation page in Remote Manager
  2. Click the SCI Targets button, click the drop-down arrow or enter in the MAC address of the device.  Once you've found the desired device, select it then select the Add button.
    1. Repeat this process to add multiple devices as desired
  3. Click the OK button
  4. Click the Examples drop-down, then select SCI → RCI → Set device setting
  5. In the resulting XML, replace the text between the <set_setting> tags with the following:
    1. Note that the below XML will set the admin password to default.  It is necessary to change the default password to something if the device is on default settings in order to apply the other config options.  If you've already configured the password on the DAL device, you can remove the settings between the <auth> tags in the XML below.
      <config_url count="3">
      <config_url index="2">
      <config_url index="3">
        <server count="1">
      <remote count="1">

Manual Process

Devices can also be manually configured to point to the aView platform.  Please see below:
  1. Log into the WebUI of the DAL device.
  2. Under the Central management section, modify Service to aView
  3. Under the Central management section, modify Certificate server  to https://aview.accns.com/certificates/v2
  4. Under the Central management section, modify Configuration servers -> Server to https://aview.accns.com/
  5. Under System -> Log -> Server list, modify Server to syslog.accns.com
  6. Under System- > Time -> NTP servers, modify Server to time.accns.com
  7. Under Network -> Interfaces, create an interface called aView tunnel endpoint if not already listed as an interface, and assign it the following settings:
    • Enable:  true
    • Interface type:  Accelerated View endpoint
    • Zone:  Loobpack
    • Device:  Ethernet Loopback
    • image1.jpg
  8. Under VPN -> IPsec, create a tunnel called aView and assign it the following settings

NOTE:  Make sure to Save the changes once complete.

Last updated: Aug 07, 2020

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