Remotely Download DAL Device Support Report through Digi Remote Manager


Support reports provide a snapshot of a device's current settings and connection status at the time of the report generation. Typically, the report is manually generated, and the relevant log files are packaged into a .bin or .txt file that can be downloaded from the local (Web) UI of all DAL devices.

However, in scenarios where local web UI access is difficult or for sites that are undergoing troubleshooting scrutiny, it is beneficial to remotely generate and download a support report.

The /var/log/ directory within the local filesystem of the DAL device is exposed in the File Management section of the Digi Remote Manager portal. This can be leveraged to expose the support report through Digi Remote Manager for users to remotely access and download.

For more details on anaylzing a device's support report, refer to the following knowledgebase article:

Support Report Overview

Manually Generating a Support Report

If a user is SSH-ed onto the shell console of the DAL device, they can use the following command to generate a support report:

/bin/gen_support_report *output_filename*

The output_filename can be renamed and placed into the /var/log/ directory on the local filesystem of the device. For example:

/bin/gen_support_report /var/log/nate_manual_report_2019-08-12_09-50_AM_EDT.txt

Scheduling a support report generation

Support reports can also be periodically generated, or generated at a specific time of day, using the Scheduled Tasks options in the configuration settings of a DAL device. The following script, when set up in the configuration profile as shown below, will generate a support report once per day and place it in the /var/log/ directory on the local filesystem. The script will also delete all but seven of the old support reports, so as not to fill up the limited space on the local filesystem.

# Generate a support report and put in in the /var/log directory
# remove all but the last 7 reports to keep filesystem clean
/bin/gen_support_report "/var/log/$(cat /var/run/accns_mac)-$(date '+%y.%m.%d-%H.%M.%S').txt"
rm -rf $(ls -1t /var/log/002704*txt 2> /dev/null | tail -n +8)

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Downloading the Support Report from Digi Remote Manager

Once the support report is generated, it can be viewed and downloaded by performing the following:

  1. Login to Digi Remote Manager

  2. Click the Device Management link at the top of the site, and use the Search box to find the device that generated the support report.

  3. Click on the device to open a new tab in Digi Remote Manager, then click the File Management page for the device.

  4. Click the logs folder, which displays the contents of the /var/log/ directory on the device's local filesystem

  5. Double-click the generated support report to download the file

Last updated: Aug 14, 2019

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