Script to Correct 3G Sunset Issues with Telit Modems

For reference, this article relates to the main article titled 3G Network Sunset in 2022 impact on 4G devices.  This article provides an additional script that needs to be run on Digi IX14 and other DAL based products using the 1002-CM04 cellular radio.  Please see the main article for more details and this additional article for specific part numbers that are affected.

Below are instructions on loading and running the necessary script:
  • Open the configuration settings for the Digi device using one of the following methods listed here
  • Under the System -> Scheduled tasks -> Custom scripts section, create a new script and add the following script into the "Commands" section:
current_mode="$(modem at '+WS46?' | cut -f2 -d':' | tr -d ' ')"
if [ "$current_mode" != '31' ]; then
  modem at '+WS46=31'
  event create info modem "DEBUG:  Manually set AT+WS46=31"
  •  Match the reset of the settings in the below screenshot, and click Apply in the upper-right corner to save the changes and start the script:

Last updated: Mar 30, 2022

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