Selecting the radio that is best for your application

Radio modem selection guide

Digi has a variety of radio modem solutions. For help in selecting the correct Digi product for the application and to receive integration advice please contact support at .

  1. In what country will the radio modems be used?
    - Digi has different radio modems for different countries.
  2. What is the required range of the data radio system?
    - 100ft, 1000ft, 1 mile, 5+ miles?
  3. What is the target price (budget for RF)?
  4. What is the required throughput of the data radio system?
  5. How many bytes of data needs to be sent? How often?
  6. Can any data be lost?
    - Does the application perform retransmissions or should the radios?
  7. Remote and Base nodes: which nodes initiate communication?
  8. Low power requirements (battery operated)?
    - Digi specializes in low power, long range. Radio modems include a number of built-in sleep modes.
  9. Is Communication taking place on a regular (periodic) or exception based (event-driven) schedule?
  10. What is the EAU (estimated annual usage)?
    - Volume pricing is available.
  11. Describe the application and topology.
Last updated: Aug 23, 2017

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