Understanding TransPort Network Services

As of the time of this writing, under TransPort firmware v5.2.14.5, the Network Services listed below are available on TransPort WR models.

From the TransPort's web interface, navigate to Configuration - Network > Network Services.

The purpose of this KB is to clarify what these services are for, what port numbers they use, if they can be changed (if so, how), and to include any useful, related information.

Device Discovery (ADDP) - ADDP is a proprietary Digi protocol used for discovering TransPorts (among other Digi devices) over IP networks to view and change IP settings, commonly with the Digi Device Discovery Utility for Windows..  If a password is input here, a password request prompt will appear in the Digi Device Discovery Utility, or similar applications that use ADDP.  Users should consider disabling ADDP for security purposes.  Uses port 2632 UDP, which cannot be changed.

Last updated: Mar 21, 2019

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