What are the different methods of finding predicted almanac for Orbcomm satellites ?

Predicted almanac of Orbomm sattelites is a set of information which gives the probablity of seeing an Orbcomm satellite for a particular area in future. You can find this in the folowing ways:-

The following options are listed in order of cost but the higher cost also equals a more capable product. Each of the following needs to be regularly updated (on a monthly basis) with an ORBCOMM .tle file. http://www.orbcomm.com/resoures-network-data.htm This page also lists which satellites are "active" (for the US).

  • You may need to reference a translation table to understand which numbered satellites correspond to which plane of satellites . Satellite Number Translation Table.
    • D1 was never launched --- but it's number/place-holder was never used.
    • Please double-check this chart against currently operational SATs via ORBCOMM's webpage - as noted above.
    • 2 Quick Launch Satellites, which were never fully commissioned, are also sometimes available for Messaging Services. Q1 is Satellite 37 & Q3 is Satellite 39.
  • Orbitron - Satellite Tracking System by http://www.stoff.pl/ is freeware that can be downloaded & customized with ORBCOMM information.
  • ORBCOMM View was developed by http://www.nlsa.com/ & can be demoed for free & purchased for a small fee $50 per license from them.
  • STK (http://www.stk.com/) sells a very robust product that can also be demoed for free but licenses are more expensive. STK also provides great customer support for their product & actively participates in industry conferences regularly.

Courtesy# ORBCOMM as on 4/14/2012

Last updated: Jun 05, 2019

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