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Which drivers do I use for my PC/Xe (64k) adapter?

The original PC/Xe (64k) adapters do not use the same drivers as the newer PC/Xe (8k) or AccelePort Xe adapters.

You may verify which type of adapter you have using the list of serial numbers found here:
Identifying Older Digi Products By Serial Number

However, the easiest method of determining which adapter and therefore which driver to use is to simply examine the adapter:
  • The original PC/Xe (64k) adapters have 2 banks of dip switches on the adapter, are full length and require the use of the PC/Xe (64k) drivers.
  • The newer adapters all have 4 dip switches visible through a rectangular hole in the mounting bracket and are approximately a half length card in size.
Any adapter which fits the newer description above is capable of using the AccelePort Xe (8k) drivers.

The hardware manual for the original PC/Xe (64k) adapters can be found here.
Last updated: Jun 05, 2019

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