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February 23, 2021

The latest release of Digi Remote Manager® introduces the Automations functionality in the new UI and enhancements focused on subaccount management. You may have noticed we also introduced a few new features in December. These features were focused on our ongoing support of FirstNet® certification for several Digi solutions but offer benefits all of our users can experience!

For a detailed description of what was included in December and this latest release, you can access our release notes.

As always, we value your feedback! Use the in-app Feedback feature to share your suggestions and comments directly with us. You can find this feature in the user menu in the upper right of the page and select “Feedback.”

Here are just a few of the updates and highlights.

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New Feature: Automations

Digi Remote Manager Automations feature
The new Digi Remote Manager Automations service allows users to create customizable tasks and scripts to be run against a set of target devices, which can be scheduled to run periodically or triggered manually. This is an enhancement of Scheduled Operations in the classic UI.

Notable updates:

  • A creation wizard is available to simplify the set-up of new automations.
  • The Automations drop-down provides easy access to your automations including past runs and schedules.

Digi Remote Manager - Runs interface


  • Historical results provide quick summaries of each run and can be drilled into for more detailed information of command responses by target.

Digi Remote Manager - Scheduled Runs

Feature Enhancements: Subaccounts

Subaccounts are enhanced as follows:

  • The parent account owner is identified and displayed in the Users tab under Accounts.


  • Users can now delete subaccounts and have the flexibility of either moving those devices to the parent account or removing them altogether.

Digi Remote Manager - Remove Account

New Feature: Adding Devices in Bulk

Adding multiple devices just easier:

  • Add your devices with the Bulk Device Add service via a CSV template; entries are validated, and errors and successes are reported.
  • An example CSV template is available in Digi Remote Manager on the Devices page when you select multiple devices.
  • Now you can add up to 20,000 devices in a single bulk upload.

Digi Remote Manager - Bulk Upload

December Updates: Firmware Status

In case you missed them, here is a list of the updates from the previous release:

  • Devices with out-of-date firmware can now be identified in your device list.
  • Notification and one-click navigation are provided upon login to devices with out-of-date firmware in your account.
  • Risk levels are provided to help you assess the impact of your device firmware status. 

Digi Remote Manager - Firmware Status

Highlight Feature: Data Streams

  • Within the Data Streams page, you can view a list of all your data streams as well as create, edit, and delete them. Select a data stream from your list and view a chart of that data stream's data points, based on several options and using several pre-defined time periods, or simply view the raw data associated with a data stream.
  • Digi Remote Manager data streams store and access time-series data. Virtually any type of data can be stored and used to create real-time charts to visualize and monitor data points that are important to your network. Data streams are fully searchable, and the data can also be rolled up into time interval summaries.

Digi Remote Manager - Data Streams
 Digi Remote Manager - Data Streams Raw Data

“How To” Videos

As we continue to develop more great features in Digi RM, we recognize the need to keep you up to date with how to use these features.

You can now access several short training videos on the Digi YouTube channel as well as on These videos describe new functionality coming up and demonstrate the existing features in Digi Remote Manager.

Things to Know Before You Go

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  4. Looking for the latest release notes for Digi Remote Manager? Click Here
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