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As Digi's global presence grows, so too has our media coverage, from industry leadership to global M2M deployments. Digi is making news in outlets around the world.
Digi Drives Digital Experience in the Only Zero-Emissions-Capable Black Cab
The zero-emission taxicab of the future will soon be on the streets of London – and Digi is playing a key role in making it happen. Frazer-Nash – the electric-car pioneer founded in 1922 – has selected Digi ConnectCore® 6 system-on-module to create a complete digital experience for driver instrumentation and touchscreen passenger infotainment inside its range-extended electric vehicle (REEV) Metrocabs.
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Thermal Camera Industry Standard Raised with the ConnectCore 6
Thanks to the Digi ConnectCore® 6 ultra-compact system-on-module (based on the Freescale i.MX6 Cortex-A9 processor), FLIR was able to integrate several modules and circuit boards into one module, greatly simplifying its design. That’s a key reason why the state-of-the-art T1K/T1020 is the most compact, highly featured thermal-imaging camera on the market.
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The Internet of Things Powering A New Way to Light Streets with Bifacial Solar Panels
Using intelligent, bifacial solar panels, Mira Bella Energy has created a smart, efficient, scalable street-lighting system, And with Digi XBee® RF modules, a X2/X4 gateway, and a connection to Digi Device Cloud, Mira Bella can remotely monitor and manage motion detection, light brightness, battery levels, and solar harvest.
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Starbucks and Other Retail Outlets Offer Wireless Phone Charging with Digi Technology
Powermat, the world’s fastest-growing wireless charging network, is partnering with some of the largest retail brands to deploy Powermat Charging Spots around the world. A customized Digi XBee® Gateway provides Powermat with easy-to-deploy connectivity to its cloud-based system and ensures Powermat’s network remains secure.
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Olsbergs Uses Digi XBee to Make Construction Sites Safer
To improve efficiency and safety for construction companies and crane operators, Olsbergs has created a family of remote-controlled hydraulics driven by Digi XBee® 868 Low-Power RF modules. With this module in their radio remote control, Olsbergs can guarantee the safety, accuracy, and reliability of their radio-controlled hydraulics.
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Flying Eye Relies on Digi XBee for Drone Connectivity and Parachute Deployment
Around the world, drones of all shapes and sizes from the market-pioneering Flying Eye are filling the skies. They incorporate a wide range of sensors, cameras, batteries, and radio controls, making them an increasingly valuable proposition to a broad cross-section of industries.
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New Sun Road Connects Uganda to Clean and Reliable Energy with Digi Cellular Routers
Digi TransPort® WR11 XT routers are playing a key role in New Sun Road’s efforts to bring clean, reliable energy to remote areas of Uganda. Digi’s routers provide a reliable connection to the global 3G network while withstanding high operating temperatures, enabling local operators to monitor the power grid's performance and remotely troubleshoot any issues.
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Mowic’s TrackIce Using RF Technology to Freeze Out Ice Problems On The Road
Using road sensors connected wirelessly through Digi XBee® RF modules, Mowic’s TrackIce ice-warning system determines road conditions and optimal road-salt strategies. With Digi XBee technology, TrackIce helps companies understand and resolve problems cost-effectively, saving time, money, and, most importantly lives.
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IER Shares 100% Electric Vehicles During COP21
IER, a subsidiary of the Bolloré Group-one of the 500 largest companies in the world, used the state-of-the-art SMT design and pre-certified radio integration of Digi ConnectCore 6 to create a new generation of 100-percent electric vehicles – including buses and charging stations.
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Drone Technologies Disrupting Industries, Saving Lives
For expanded capabilities and a longer range of controlled flight, Draganfly has equipped its drones with advanced point-to-point communication for remote wireless control – all powered by the Digi XBee-PRO® 900HP.
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Connected Technology Evolves Farmers' Operations
Nebraska Engineering Company (NECO), a division of Global Industries, Inc., is a specialized agricultural equipment engineering and manufacturing company in North Omaha, NE that provides high-value grain dryers, grain handling, and aeration equipment for agricultural customers worldwide.
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Digi TransPort Connects Thousands of Point of Sale Terminals Across Switzerland
Find out how LoRo used the Digi TransPort WR21 enterprise router to transition from fixed-line connections to wireless LTE broadband. This solution enables them to spin up new locations and change content in hundreds of customer shops and POS terminals throughout the six cantons of French-speaking Switzerland.
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Chicago Area Commuter-Rail Agency Turns to Digi to Increase Ridership With Free Internet Access
Thousands of passengers traveling to and from Chicago each day increasingly expect connectivity and productivity as they make their way to and from their offices. With the Digi WR44R, Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District now offers reliable no-cost Wi-Fi internet access – an option that’s so popular that the agency is moving forward with full implementation of the Digi WR44R across all 82 cars.
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Developing the Yardstick in Solar Energy
Through its newest service, Denowatts, PowerOwners delivers a benchmark to the solar industry in order to better improve performance management. Thanks to Digi Device Cloud, Digi Rabbit, and Digi XBee, clients can monitor and understand their solar assets better than ever and clearly see how those assets are performing relative to others.
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LTE Operational Efficiencies Save Thousands for ElectriCities
Energy solution provider saves over $300K/year by replacing expensive land-line circuits with LTE from Digi International
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Avancen Transforms Delivery of Oral Pain Medications With Digi System on Module
Avancen’s FDA-approved Medication on Demand (MOD®) device is being deployed in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities around the country. Read how that device relies on the Digi RCM5600W system on module for built-in intelligence, WiFi connectivity, and simple operation.
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AddÉnergie Driving Electric Vehicle Charging Station Networks
AddÉnergie develops, manufactures and operates charging solutions for market segments such as the public sector, workplace, multi-residential, fleets, residential and others. The company provides the charging infrastructure for the Electric Circuit and the VERnetwork™, the two largest charging networks in Canada.
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Digi and Almerys Develop Critical Cardiology Telehealth Application
Digi and Almerys, a subsidiary of Orange Business Services, helped develop and implement Cardiauvergne, a cardiology telehealth pilot project in the Auvergne region of France. The application performs in-home monitoring to collect a patient's weight daily and transfers it to a medical coordination unit where health care decisions are made.
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