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Learn how Digi has provided successful M2M solutions for customers in industries where things don’t come easily and operations are spread over vast, complex areas.
FELFEL Transforms Workplace Meals with Kiosk Refrigerators
Aiming to “free people from mediocre food at work,” Switzerland’s FELFEL has developed a complete, innovative solution that enables everyone at the office to eat delicious, sustainable, and fresh food all day long at affordable prices. A Digi ConnectCore® single-board computer (SBC) powers an Android application that controls everything from refrigerator locks to token-based POS transactions.
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Ranch Systems Leverages Digi XBee To Deliver Cloud-based Agriculture Automation
Founded in 2005, Ranch Systems provides wireless solutions for field monitoring and control in agriculture environments. These solutions range from cellular nodes monitoring a single temperature sensor or tank level to sophisticated farm-wide networks with real-time wireless monitoring and control of the entire farm production and operation systems. Thanks to Digi XBee PRO® wireless modules, Ranch Systems can bring intelligence and automation to improve yields and lower costs.
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DimOnOff Uses Digi XBee to Bring New Life to City Streets with Smart Streetlight Solutions
DimOnOff is the pioneering innovator in wireless controls and remote-monitoring technologies for street and area lighting, steadily rising to become a top-three player in a rapidly growing market. Its combined embedded hardware and back-end management software is changing the rules for municipal lighting by reducing energy consumption, lowering operating and maintenance costs, increasing citizen safety, and creating more vibrant, attractive neighborhoods.
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Digi XBee RF Modules Enable Loadstar Sensors to Create StockVUE Wireless Inventory Management
From characterizing automobile brakes to testing parachutes for NASA, Loadstar Sensors offers a broad range of wired and wireless force, torque, displacement, level and pressure sensors to more than 5,000 customers including Tesla, BMW, Boeing, Google, Microsoft and Becton-Dickinson. Digi XBee® RF modules have helped this specialty sensor solutions provider create its next generation of innovative solutions to dramatically improve inventory management.
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Endress+Hauser Partners with Digi to Deliver a More Connected World in Remote Locations
Digi Connect Sensor+ cellular gateway is paired with Endress+Hauser’s inventory management solution for wireless connectivity and bi-directional communications to help customers better plan tank replenishment.
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Ideco and Digi Develop Biometric Technology Solution Customers Can Easily Identify With
Digi ConnectCore® 6 gives Ideco the processing horsepower they need to take cumbersome biometric collection and verification systems and turning them into a compact and portable unit so customers can quickly profile and confirm an individual’s identity onsite.
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Smart Sensors Toolkit from 30 MHz Taps the Power of Digi XBee Modules
With a portfolio of easy-to-deploy wireless sensors, 30MHz empowers businesses to transform the metrics they capture from the physical world into actionable insights. The 30MHz Toolkit – leveraging Digi networking technology – lowers the barrier to entry for smart sensing. The scalable, interoperable plug-and-play solution is designed for rapid deployment of hundreds of thousands of devices with complete, centralized monitoring.
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WiseConn Brings New Efficiencies to Agriculture with Precise Irrigation
WiseConn’s acclaimed DropControl helps farmers maximize their harvests and optimize their irrigation use by carefully and precisely monitoring soil moisture, wells, valves, weather stations, and more. WiseConn relies on Digi XBee-PRO® radios in a mesh network configuration to capture data from low-power sensors and transmit it back to the farmer’s control station for complete, optimal irrigation control.
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WonderSign Solves Smart Digital Signage and Kiosks Connectivity Issues with Digi TransPort Routers
Florida-based Wondersign delivers digital media to screens and tablets for corporate TV, digital marketing boards, digital signage, and interactive kiosks using an intuitive and affordable content management console in the cloud. The heart of Wondersign’s connectivity strategy: Digi® TransPort WR11 cellular router.
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Tire Profiles Turns to Digi TransPort LR54 Router
In tire shops, car dealerships, and auto repair centers around the country, Tire Profiles’s acclaimed GrooveGlove™ handheld laser-measurement tool helps technicians quickly and proactively assesses tire wear and condition for a better service experience. Using the Digi TransPort® LR54, GrooveGlove connects to the cloud to create customized, pinpoint assessments that increase sales and customer satisfaction.
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Macchina Selects Digi XBee Cellular for Connectivity in Open-Source Development Platform
Aiming to provide the open-source hardware/software “middleware” for the newest generation of automobiles, innovative Macchina is creating M2, a modular interface to support a wide range of automotive aftermarket devices and services. The Digi XBee® Cellular embedded modem provides the essential 4G LTE connectivity.
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Digi ConnectCore 6 Helps Prolec Improve Safety and Usability of Construction Equipment
Site surveys and measurements are meticulously taken by construction mangers to ensure all angles and depths are understood properly before bringing in big machinery like backhoes, cranes, and excavators. To ensure confidence and safety in their construction equipment, a family of machine control solutions chose a proven System-on-Module (SOM) solution instead of designing their own - which has saved timed, rework, excess material, and more.
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Digi XBee Modules and Gateways Help Smartbox Transform Package Delivery With Networked Lockers
The ability to virtually order anything online has significantly improved the way we do things , however it can become quite an inconvenience when it comes to actually receiving the delivery and signing it off. This motivated SmartBox to design a safe, secure, and smart delivery storage locker. Learn how you can send and receive packages on your time while avoiding the busy post office.
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MicroPower Technologies Delivers Reliable and Secure Video Surveillance For Major West Coast Utility
MicroPower’s solar-powered compact, wireless SOLVEIL HD surveillance platform relies on the Digi TransPort® WR21 cellular router to bring HD video from perimeter and outdoor areas for enhanced security and operations monitoring. With the Digi enabled-solution, utility providers can monitor remote transmission and distribution lines and make informed decisions about operations and risks.
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IER Shares 100% Electric Vehicles During COP21
IER, a subsidiary of the Bolloré Group-one of the 500 largest companies in the world, used the state-of-the-art SMT design and pre-certified radio integration of Digi ConnectCore 6 to create a new generation of 100-percent electric vehicles – including buses and charging stations.
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Enlight Teams with Digi to Create Smarter, Safer, and More Cost-Efficient Lighting Environments
Enlight’s network of intelligent fixtures in urban environments are making smart streetlights a reality. Read how Digi cellular gateways autonomously manage lights using programmed instructions from a centralized operations center – with speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.
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Flying Eye Relies on Digi XBee for Drone Connectivity and Parachute Deployment
Around the world, drones of all shapes and sizes from the market-pioneering Flying Eye are filling the skies. They incorporate a wide range of sensors, cameras, batteries, and radio controls, making them an increasingly valuable proposition to a broad cross-section of industries.
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Helping Individuals Lead A Healthier Life By Providing Real-time Fitness Data
BodyMedia sought to provide live activity updates over a smartphone or tablet and to prolong battery life. They decided to add Bluetooth® Smart Ready technology into the CORE 2 monitor. Integrating wireless into a device can have its nuances in both hardware and firmware. Integrating a new technology such as energy saving Bluetooth® Smart Ready adds another layer of complexity.
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Digi Drives Digital Experience in the Only Zero-Emissions-Capable Black Cab
The zero-emission taxicab of the future will soon be on the streets of London – and Digi is playing a key role in making it happen. Frazer-Nash – the electric-car pioneer founded in 1922 – has selected Digi ConnectCore® 6 system-on-module to create a complete digital experience for driver instrumentation and touchscreen passenger infotainment inside its range-extended electric vehicle (REEV) Metrocabs.
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Enabling Internet of Things Innovation in Agriculture
DigiBale, a commercial subsidiary of Australian Wool Innovation (AWI), takes technology know-how and IP from implementations successfully applied to the sheep farming and wool industry and makes it accessible to other agriculture sectors including cotton, forestry, sugarcane and cattle.
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