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Digi XBee LR RF Module for LoRaWAN

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Digi XBee LR is a wireless communications module that OEMs can easily incorporate into end-node sensor products – enabling the LoRaWAN protocol for device-to-cloud connectivity

  • Pre-certification: Modular certifications for FCC, IC, and CE standards
  • LoRaWAN compatibility: Supports the low-power, long-range wide area networking protocol built on the LoRa radio modulation technique
  • Footprint versatility: Integrates with existing hardware in MMT, SMT, and TH footprints with 600nA power consumption
  • Zero-touch provisioning: Remotely provision and maintain devices that embed Digi XBee LR modules using Digi X-ON cloud
  • Single SKU: One footprint with regional support for multiple bands, including US915, EU868, AS923, and more

Digi XBee® LR is a pre-integrated and certified wireless connectivity module for sensors and end-nodes to integrate into a cloud-ready LoRaWAN system. The XBee LR module for LoRaWAN is available in the Digi XBee 3 family footprint with temperature rating for -40° C to +85° C, suitable for most industrial deployment requirements. Digi XBee LR is a low-power module with 600nA sleep current that supports the latest LoRaWAN wireless v1.04 standard. XBee APIs are available for simple integration into your embedded project, with a standard USART communications interface. Additionally, XBee LR has cloud-facing APIs for remote management using the Digi X-ON cloud.

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