Device Cloud Configuration, Migration, and Troubleshooting Guide


Digi makes a number of different products capable of connecting to the Device Cloud, from hardware products to those which are purely software. Unfortunately, not all Device Cloud-capable devices have the same methods of configuration for connecting to Device Cloud, nor are their troubleshooting methods the same. If you don't know how to configure or troubleshoot your product to connect to a Device Cloud server (or migrate from to a different Device Cloud server), this article is for you....

NOTE: The following list is not exclusive. In other other words, if a Gateway isn't listed here, that doesn't necessarily mean it isn't capable of connecting to Device Cloud, it only means we haven't added a link to an article for that product yet. We do intend to include guidance for every capable device or Gateway possible, so if any are missing or should be added, feedback is welcome!

Troubleshooting Guides:

Getting Device Cloud Connected: Firewall concerns for outbound Gateway connections to Device Cloud

Configuring a Digi TransPort router for Device Cloud connectivity - Web User Interface (WebUI) method
Last updated: Mar 22, 2019

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