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Digi 5G Product Plans

Digi is excited about 5G, the capabilities it brings, and the many new possibilities that it will enable – from the most advanced industry 4.0 applications to full implementation of connected vehicle technology to practical applications for augmented and virtual reality in the science, industry and medical realms. We are constantly driving forward. Our goal is to ensure that customers who have applications that require the speed and low latency of 5G have a roadmap and migration path.

5G Product Innovation and Development at Digi

In addition to Digi’s new product introduction group, Digi has established an advanced technology research and innovation team to investigate 5G and other new technologies. They delve into many aspects of 5G that will appear in our new products, such as new cellular modem capabilities, new antenna types, and cellular router form factors. Our roadmap includes both new products and adaptations of our current products, such as our modular routers with change-able CORE modules. Additionally, we have a developer team, Wireless Design Services, to support customers in designing the 5G applications of the future.

In this blog post, we will take a spin through Digi's 5G product planning roadmap. 

Note: This blog has an expiration date. If you’re reading this years from now, it’s most certainly out of date.

Meet the Digi 5G-Ready Product Line-up

Digi recently released two new 5G-ready products: the Digi TX64 and Digi EX15 CM18.

Digi TX64

Digi TX64 is a rugged and secure cellular router platform for mission critical industrial and transportation applications with industry-leading dual CAT 18 LTE-Advanced modems (including Band 14 for FirstNet and Band 71), high-speed 802.11ac Wi-Fi radios, and integrated Bluetooth. 


Digi EX15

Digi® EX15 with Digi CORE Cat 18 is a cellular extender with gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity for retailers and other organizations that cannot tolerate network downtime and the negative impact on revenue streams and brand reputation.

These 5G-ready products have the processing power and gigabit Ethernet ports to support the more power hungry and higher bandwidth 5G modules on the horizon.

Enabling the 5G Future, Starting Today

Today, 4G LTE is still growing, and will be going strong for at least a decade to come. Fortunately, it provides excellent speed and bandwidth to support most IoT applications today. LTE and 5G networks will co-exist, as applications begin to migrate and then 5G networks and applications eventually supercede 4G LTE. 

It’s not surprising that the first 5G products are the high-bandwidth, high-speed products. Today, there are only a few average bandwidth (Cat-M to Cat 11) modems for 5G and those that are available are far more expensive than LTE modems today. As prices come down, we’ll roll-out 5G cellular solutions across our product line. In the meantime, our LTE cellular solutions continue to have the best total cost of ownership for many of our customers.

We’re also keeping an eye on 5G infrastructure build-out. Carriers are making quick progress on 5G networks in urban areas. 5G is well-suited for dense urban areas, especially for the fastest variant of 5G, called mmWave, which has much shorter range capability than LTE. You’ll likely see 5G towers every few blocks, to accommodate the shorter, faster variants of 5G. Questions still remain on the feasibility of bringing this technology to suburban and rural areas.
What does this challenge for rural areas mean for our customers? Digi customers with locations in rural areas, such as utilities, industrial equipment monitoring, and retail in small towns, can anticipate 4G LTE will continue to be a mainstay for years to come.
The future of 5G is bright and Digi is excited to bring new 5G products to market. We’re committed to building quality solutions and offering cutting edge services to enable our customers’ business development and innovations, for today and into the future.

Contact us for your current and future IoT needs, whether you are migrating from 2G/3G to 4G LTE or planning your 5G application.
5G Is Here: Are You Ready?
Watch our video to learn how 5G will roll out and when it will be time to jump in

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