Certification Assistance

Avoid costs and rework with the Digi Certification Guarantee.

Whether your company is new to wireless-product development or switching wireless technologies, adding wireless/cellular components to your product or service can add complexity and bring new regulatory compliance and certification issues to address. Digi Wireless Design Services guarantees that any project we design from start to finish using our standard development process will meet FCC and carrier certifications.

Our certification services include:

  • Design and PCB analysis
  • EMI/EMC compliance pre-testing
  • RF consulting and failure mitigation
  • Wireless/cellular firmware debugging and tuning
  • PTCRB, FCC, and worldwide carrier-approval testing

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Digi XBee Test Code

Digi XBee Test Code for Certification Testing

Guidance for module test code that may be needed to test for regulatory conformity in some countries or for compliance testing to certain industrial standards.

Digi Field Guide

Five Tips to Improve Your IoT Designs

This field guide provides an overview of five ways to improve the design of your wireless IoT product, get to market faster, and increase the reliability of your solution. Download the Field Guide
WDS Brochure

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Having the right partner on your side can make all the difference. You can use our team's resources to expedite your project, avoid excess board spins and wasted time, and get to market faster. Download the Brochure
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