Product Architecture

Complete, detailed designs and specifications for your product architecture.

After the high-level requirements are identified, system architecture design can begin. When you work with Digi WDS, we ensure that all the bases are covered to omit any gaps or unforeseen challenges that can put the project at risk.

We consider all critical factors in the design from electronics to software, RF, mechanical, manufacturing, field service and user experience. Product architecture requires expertise in each of these disciplines to ensure a successful design.

Typical tasks in this phase are:

  • Select system components
  • Identify software architecture for the full range of needs, such as sensors, gateways, electromechanical systems and user applications on servers and mobile apps
  • Walk through market requirements to ensure the proposed architecture supports the identified use cases
  • Choose to buy or build your board components
  • Identify partnerships for development tasks, manufacturing, certifications and distribution
  • Establish a preliminary bill of materials and ballpark product manufacturing costs
  • Identify engineering labor, materials and certification costs

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