PCB Layout

From highly complex, multi-layered boards to simple extension boards, let Digi WDS design your PCB.

Virtually every electronic product uses one or more printed-circuit boards (PCBs) that have broad implications on component selection, industrial design, and antenna design. Digi WDS optimizes PCB designs for wireless applications and leverages extensive analog, digital, and RF design experience to ensure that performance is designed into your PCB from the start.

Our PCB design services include:

  • Complete staff of RF/electrical engineers in house available for design guidance
  • Design complexity from simple interface boards to HDI (high-density interconnect) with via-in-pad and microvia technologies
  • High-speed digital designs (DDR memory, differential pairs, and bus routing)
  • RF microstrip, stripline, coplanar waveguide, and RF printed structures
  • Signal integrity, impedance control, and EMI integrity
  • Rigid, flexible, and rigid-flex technologies
  • Ultra-low-noise PCB designs for high-performance wireless applications
  • We can work with Altium, Mentor PADs, Allegro and Orcad:
    Altium, Mentor PADs, Allegro and Orcad
  • Digi WDS is an Altium Certified Service Bureau Partner – www.altium.com

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