Rapid Proof-of-Concept

Quickly create a proof-of-concept prototype to help identify requirements for the system and product.

The optional step of developing a proof-of-concept provides a clearer picture of project costs, timeline and risks. A preliminary bill of materials can be made or updated and we will estimate the cost of the product in manufacturing. The prototype will generally be designed and built using readily available, off-the-shelf hardware and software as much possible. Building the proof-of-concept prototype helps answer questions about the technology, user interface, size and cost and serves as a platform for demonstrations to help visualize the end product. The prototype can include mechanical models for the final product that represent the look and feel of the desired end product.

A proof-of-concept can mitigate a range of typical risks that can impact the viability of a project, including:

  • Technical risk due to the specific application requirements, device size or unique function, e.g. with new technology
  • Business risk due to different components such as device cost, device usability and market adaptation
  • Unforeseen risk that can be revealed in this phase such as a higher bill of materials cost or total cost of ownership

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