Python on EX-series Digi Devices

Starting in firmware version, python is not included in the base firmware for EX-series devices.  This includes the following device types: If you require Python in your environment, it is available as an add-on live image (similar to a container) that can be loaded onto the EX-series devices running firmware version and newer. Python is also available natively in firmware and earlier.

To load python on an EX-series Digi device running or newer firmware, choose one of the options listed below:

Option 1


One-click python enablement via Digi Remote Manager
A new option is available under the Automation tab for any configuration profiles for EX-series devices running or newer firmware.  As part of creating or updating a configuration profile for an EX-series devices, you can enable python by selecting the Python add-on button on the automation tab for the configuration.  See screenshot below for reference.

Once enabled in the configuration profile, Digi Remote Manager will load and enable python on the EX-series devices linked to the configuration profile.  This enablement is done as part of the remediation action, which also validates the firmware version and configuration settings to ensure they match the settings specified in the configuration profile.

Option 2 - local installation

  1. Download the python live image for the target EX-series device type.  Below are links to the python live images for firmware version
    1. EX12
    2. EX12-PR
    3. EX15
    4. EX15-PR
    5. EX15W
    6. EX50
  2. Rename the downloaded live image to python_live_image.sqfs.  The filename must exactly match this in order for the Digi device to load the python live image properly.
  3. Login to the Admin CLI of the EX-series device.  See user guide link here for instructions
  4. Create the specific directory that DAL requires the python live image to be in.  To create the directory, run the following command from the Admin CLI:
    1. mkdir /opt/lib/live_images/
  5. Transfer the python_live_image.sqfs file onto the filesystem of your EX-series device, placing it in the /opt/lib/live_images/ directory.  This can be done through the Files tab for the device in Digi Remote Manager, the System -> File system page in the local web UI, or using a SCP file transfer.

Next steps

Once python is added to the EX-series device, you have full python support, including the ability to install modules via python pip.  For more details on utilizing python for interactive sessions, custom applications, or scheduled tasks, see the Applications section in our user guides.
Last updated: Aug 30, 2022

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