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Our expert technical analysis validates your designs at any lifecycle stage and prepares you for regulatory and performance testing.

Design Review

A product that has been designed for good functional performance often fails wireless certification. Even passing regulatory spurious emissions testing is not always a precursor to passing cellular receiver sensitivity testing. Our experience enables us to easily spot the many things that can cause EMI radiation and inadequate wireless performance, prior to costly prototype fabrication and certification testing.

Our detailed analysis of your schematic, PCB layout, BOM, and mechanical design files will cover the following, documented in an engineering report:

  • PCB layer stack up – grounding, power distribution, reference planes
  • PCB routing – clocks, oscillators, transmission lines, high speed traces
  • Signal integrity, controlled impedances, conducted and radiated emissions and immunity (FCC, IC, CISPR, CE, 60601-1-2)
  • Antenna selection and integration into mechanical assembly – isolation between antennas, proximity to system components, susceptibility to self-quieting
  • Radio implementation, including interaction between multiple radios
  • Shielding, noise filtering, decoupling
  • Implementation of processors, power supplies, memory, connectors
  • Cables and connectors for peripherals such as displays, power supplies, daughter cards, batteries
  • Thermal management, safety, protection circuitry
Having the right partner on your side makes all the difference. Digi WDS has the world-class engineers and a state-of-the-art RF lab, a library of proven building blocks, tools, and resources you need to get to market faster.


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