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Wireless Design Services / Development Cycle / Failure Analysis and Mitigation


Our engineers are experts in solving certification failures related to spurious emissions, total radiated power, total isotropic sensitivity, and antenna performance.

Certification Failure Analysis and Mitigation

“My device didn’t pass, now what?”

Digi Wireless Design Services can perform a comprehensive design analysis and lab testing to mitigate RF and EMI/EMC issues. We focus on both regulatory and performance issues, such as:

  • The device is failing cellular PTCRB certification or certification by the network operator (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint).
  • The device fails FCC Part 15 certifications, rules, and regulations regarding unlicensed transmissions.
  • The device’s wireless range is less than expected.
  • Radio performance suffers when used in the presence of another radio, such as when ZigBee communication drops during Wi-Fi file downloads.
  • Cellular total isotropic sensitivity (TIS) degrades when a touchscreen display is enabled.
  • A product with GPS fails to consistently get a lock/fix.
  • The device fails radiated spurious emissions (RSE) for FCC, CISPR, ETSI, or PTCRB due to clock harmonics or power supply noise.

To address these issues, Digi WDS offers a range of services:

  • Issue Reproduction: RF performance measurements in an anechoic chamber.
  • Schematic and Layout Review: RF best practices focused on noise filtering, processor configuration, clocks, bus connections, power supply, PCB construction, and routing.
  • Antenna Review: type, tuning, and integration into mechanical assembly.
  • Receiver Sensitivity Optimization: Optimization of total isotropic sensitivity (TIS) through proper antenna implementation and reduction of EMI from device electronics.
  • Transmit Power Optimization: Measurement and improvement of total radiated power (TRP) related to RF PCB design and antenna implementation
  • Noise Analysis: In-situ spectral analysis to identify EMI/EMC sources.
  • Recommended Design Changes: Implementation and testing of design changes to correct observed problems.
Having the right partner on your side makes all the difference. Digi WDS has the world-class engineers and a state-of-the-art RF lab, a library of proven building blocks, tools, and resources you need to get to market faster.


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