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From design to full production readiness, Digi designs, builds,
and deploys RF manufacturing test solutions.

Manufacturing Test

Our test engineers work with product design teams to incorporate manufacturing-ready designs into your product. As the design is implemented and prototypes are built, test engineering creates and builds the automated test capabilities to test the alpha, beta, and production units, so you can be assured that each unit coming off of the production line matches your specifications. Testing RF capabilities at the end-of-line is a notoriously difficult challenge – but the Digi WDS team has built hundreds of test fixtures. Even if your project has already been started, Digi can help.

Digi WDS’s manufacturing capabilities begin early in the development process and go through full-scale production. Here are some key WDS services to assist with manufacturing test:

  • Project planning so you can plan for manufacturing early in the development process
  • Manufacturing test-plan development and documentation
  • Instrument selection to identify which instruments will be required on the manufacturing line
  • Design for manufacturability and testability (including ergonomics operators)
  • Test executive and functional development
    • National Instruments TestStand™ (industry standard test management software)
    • National Instruments LabVIEW® (instrument I/O protocol)
    • Custom test development using Python
  • Complete product documentation
  • Contract manufacturing liaison
Digi’s Wireless Design Services test engineers work with the product design team to incorporate design for manufacturing into your product.


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