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Digi Device Cloud

Easily Integrate Device Data Into M2M Applications

  • Access device data from edge devices and perform bi-directional communication
  • Integrate device data from any device (including non-Digi hardware) through open APIs and Cloud Connector
  • Securely manage devices en masse for increased efficiency
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Access data from edge devices anytime, anywhere

Centralized control to edit configurations, update firmware, download software and monitor the status and location of remote assets via a web browser.

Create alarms and notifications based on data conditions

Set alarm conditions and receive immediate notification when a device enters a particular state. Schedule and automate tasks, such as reboots or firmware updates Group and tag devices to organize your dynamic network.

Perform remote two-way communication with non-Digi devices

Connect any device (including non-Digi hardware) to the cloud with Digi Cloud Connector. Available for Android, Java SE/ME, Embedded and Kinetis devices, the family of connectors simplifies the process of managing dynamic device infrastructures and makes it easy to deploy devices and applications.

Integrate device data into a third party system

Using the platform’s open APIs, push device data into any third party application or build a custom M2M application.

Keep your data safe

Security for cloud services is a rapidly changing paradigm and we are committed to providing security controls that set the industry standard. In conjunction with the Cloud Security Alliance, of which Digi International is a corporate member, our cloud security experts are active and visible players in the data security space. Our employees proudly hold certifications such as CISSP, RHCE, CCNP, MCSE, EC-COUNCIL’s Certified Security Analyst (CSA) and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), as well as ISO27002 Certified Lead Implementer certifications.

Our systems are located in certified SSAE-16 (old SAS-70 Type II ) and ISO27001 facilities. We also maintain our own ISO27001 certified security program for Device Cloud software. Our industry-leading security practices are recognized by the community as well, as evidence by Digi’s membership in the Center for Internet Security (CIS) and SkyHigh’s independent rating of the highest level, Enterprise Ready, for Device Cloud.

PCI Compliance
Device Cloud has been used in PCI compliant networks. Our devices, in conjunction with standard security hardening practices, have received a passing ROC (Report on Compliance) from many top and popular QSAs.

NERC/CIP Compliance
Device Cloud helps you to meet your security compliance targets by providing to your field devices the following security functions: Centralized Device Patching, Capacity Planning, Centralized Logging, Compliance Scanning, Compliance Reporting, Change Control, Backup/Disaster Recovery, Intrusion Detection and Asset Management.

HIPAA Compliance Device Cloud is a key component of a HIPAA-compliant solution. To meet HIPAA compliance, we recommend that Device Cloud acts as a data conduit for health information. Since Device Cloud does not process health information, customers looking to implement a HIPAA solution do not need a Business Associate agreement signed, provided that they encrypt the data while it is passed through the Device Cloud.

In order for us to offer preventative service or conditioned-based monitoring technology, we needed a way to connect our controllers to the Internet.

Richard Gobee, Managing Director, OEM Technology Solutions

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Digi Device Cloud makes it simple to remotely monitor and control your network of devices via any web browser.
Security is firmly at the core of every feature developed and every decision that is made regarding Device Cloud. Digi’s Cloud Security Office fiercely guards the platform and device data with over 175 different security controls, including ISO27002’s ISMS, NERCs critical infrastructure protection (CIP) guidance, Payment Card Industry PCI-DSS v2, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Cloud Controls Matrix, as well as relevant HIPAA and NIST standards.



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