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Edge Compute: The Silver Lining to Your IoT Cloud

On Demand Webinar With the increasing demand for edge compute functionality to manage the high volume of data produced by installed IoT applications comes questions and a certain amount of confusion. There are multiple ways to architect edge compute; which one is right for your application, and how can you be sure you address all the considerations along the way to deployment? September 10, 2020 | Length: 50:23

Digi Remote Manager Tour

Digi Remote Manager provides a convenient, easy-to-use dashboard and interface so you can easily monitor and manage your device network. In this video, you will learn how to navigate around and access all the great functionality the platform has to offer. September 03, 2020 | Length: 8:09

Deploy, Manage and Scale Your IoT Communications Network Webinar

On Demand Webinar Learn from ElectriCities and Digi how to gain complete visibility and control over your distributed devices, enabling you to manage, scale and secure your network. August 13, 2020 | Length: 46:52

Solving Edge Communication Challenges for Industrial IoT Applications

On Demand Webinar Cellular technology is increasingly the most sensible and cost-effective choice for remote connectivity, particularly where wired infrastructure is too expensive or impossible. It also provides opportunities for installing and managing highly secure deployments in industrial IoT applications. July 14, 2020 | Length: 45:45

Digi IX20 Industrial Router – Built for Extreme Environments

Digi International builds cellular devices for every use case, including the applications where the devices must work seamlessly under extreme conditions. This video takes you on a tour of the test process for the Digi IX20, built and ruggedized for applications such as digital signage, ATMs and kiosks. June 29, 2020 | Length: 3:09

Digi IX20 Unboxing

Here’s what to expect when your Digi IX20 arrives. Learn how the device is secured, right out of the box. You can also learn about the various features of the device to support your deployment requirements. June 29, 2020 | Length: 7:25

Digi IX20 – Rugged, Reliable, Flexible, Secure, Economical

The most demanding environments require the most robust and reliable routers. Digi IX20 is not only designed for challenging environments, but it is also outfitted with functionality to support reliable uptime, rock solid security, and remote management. June 29, 2020 | Length: 2:58

Choosing the Right Cellular Solution for Your Application

On Demand Webinar The considerations for building an enterprise-grade network today depend upon the application requirements. These include the types of connections needed, the reliability of those connections, and the defense against cyber-attacks. The considerations fall under four critical pillars: Control, resilience, security and intelligence. June 25, 2020 | Length: 44:52

Solutions for Infrastructure Management – From Serial-to-Ethernet to USB-over-IP and more

On Demand Webinar Every IT department requires robust and secure networking and infrastructure management solutions, but from there the differences can be profound. You may have multiple USB-based devices that need to be secured and managed, or a dispersed set of branch offices that must all connect securely to the corporate network. Digi solutions are designed to meet the range of needs with the right options for ports, connectivity, and security. June 19, 2020 | Length: 52:05

Simplify and accelerate your development with Digi ConnectCore i.MX-based SOMs

On Demand Webinar Developing an IoT product is challenging, and as a result, a large percentage of embedded design projects fail due to the complexity of the development environment and a lack of internal expertise. But the choices developer teams make in selecting development tools can make all the difference. June 18, 2020 | Length: 49:42

Connectivity Solutions for Enterprise, Industrial and Transit Applications

On Demand Webinar Cellular routers today must be fast, reliable, secure, configurable, manageable and 5G migration-ready, as well as programmable and tailored to the application. Digi cellular routers meet this tall order, supporting a broad range of use cases, from enterprise connectivity for retail, business and branch office connectivity, to industrial IoT applications, transit and traffic management applications. June 17, 2020 | Length: 01:01:36

Accelerating Wireless Development with the Digi XBee RF Ecosystem

On Demand Webinar Embedded developers have multiple choices today in embedded development tools for wireless connectivity in IoT applications. It’s critical to look at the entire ecosystem of supporting features to see how they will help your team complete development with as few hurdles and challenges as possible. June 16, 2020 | Length: 48:59

Using the Configuration Manager in Digi Remote Manager

Digi Remote Manager provides everything you need to monitor and manage your remote device network, including device mapping, alerts, mass firmware updates, security monitoring and edge compute capabilities. In this video we cover how to use the Configuration Manager in your Digi Remote Manager account. June 09, 2020 | Length: 3:59

Transit Technology: Better Connectivity, Lower Costs

On Demand Webinar Is your city transit system struggling to manage the technology and on-board systems required to ensure your communications are effective, fast, secure and reliable? This recorded webinar will provide the answers to your questions. May 28, 2020 | Length: 42:30

Connected Traffic Systems - How Cellular is Changing the Game

On Demand Webinar The number and variety of connectivity solutions in municipal traffic systems has increased over the years, from analog leased lines to twisted pair, fiber and wireless radio solutions, sometimes working concurrently. The management challenges and maintenance costs are enormous. But there is a better way. May 12, 2020 | Length: 38:22

5G Is Here: Are You Ready?

On Demand Webinar 5G networks are rolling out, and when fully deployed will offer higher-speed and lower latency, while better supporting low-power requirements. More devices will be connected and will be better connected. When will 5G by right for your application? May 08, 2020 | Length: 18:05

How to Approach Embedded Design Challenges the Right Way

On Demand Webinar What are the top five challenges for embedded development, and how can you leap over those hurdles and create a successful design that is future proof? Watch this brief webinar to find out. April 28, 2020 | Length: 28:39

Secure, Reliable Connections: Networking Strategies for Remote Workers

On Demand Webinar With many more workers connecting remotely today, it is more important than ever to ensure they are connecting securely, without imposing risk to the corporate network, devices and data. This webinar addresses the risks and provides solutions. April 14, 2020 | Length: 30:58

Adding a Device to Digi Remote Manager

Digi Remote Manager is a secure, hosted management solution for IoT devices. It is designed for ease-of-use, automation and convenient mass updates across your entire device deployment. April 13, 2020 | Length: 1:06

Mission Critical Communications for Traffic Management Systems

On Demand Webinar Cities need to continually improve their methods of managing urban traffic to reduce congestion on city streets. But widening roads is costly. Learn how smart traffic management systems provide the answer for today’s Smart Cities. April 12, 2020 | Length: 21:44

IoT Security – Technologies for Real World Users

On Demand Webinar Watch this recorded webinar of the IMC IoT M2M Council’s panel talk on IoT security regulations and technologies to gain insight on the latest critical security updates. March 26, 2020 | Length: 1:02:11

Enlazza Solves the IPv4 Shortage with a Hostname Service

Learn how the Enlazza company used Digi Remote Manager APIs to create an innovative solution for the shortage of IPv4 addresses. March 18, 2020 | Length: 2:00

Digi Wireless Design Services

Digi Wireless Design Services provides a complete range of consultation, design and development services for IoT product development. March 04, 2020 | Length: 2:11

Digi Remote Manager Dashboard Training

Digi Remote Manager provides a wide variety of remote management capabilities. In this video we will cover the new and improved dashboard functionality. February 26, 2020 | Length: 1:14

Digi Headquarters Tour

Digi International moved to beautiful new headquarters in 2019. This video takes you on a tour. February 10, 2020 | Length: 5:10

Digi Remote Manager User Management

Digi Remote Manager provides a wide variety of remote management capabilities. In this video we will cover our User Management capabilities. February 04, 2020 | Length: 2:54

PRSONAS Virtual Greeter

Digi’s virtual greeter welcomes visitors to corporate headquarters and provides virtual tours. January 30, 2020 | Length: 00:45

Hardware-Enabled, Software-Defined

On Demand Webinar IoT is evolving as new methodologies and insights develop out of existing Internet of Things deployments. Where hardware capabilities were once the primary focus of IoT projects, today we know that a complete solution includes hardware, software and cloud components to drive efficiencies in edge computing, device management, firmware updates and ongoing insights. November 22, 2019 | Length: 11:49

Digi, Vodafone and BICS Share Knowledge in 5G IoT Webinar

On Demand Webinar Founder of Reuleaux Technology and formerly of Digi International, Scott Nelson was a participant in a webinar on 5G and the IoT, produced by the IMC IoT M2M Council November 22, 2019 | Length: 1:05:41

5G-IoT-Edge-ML/AI: Technologies That Will Transform

On Demand Webinar Today, 5G networks are actively being deployed, and combined with other technology advances and trends, including the IoT, edge compute, machine learning and artificial intelligence, will create the perfect technological storm for major breakthrough advances. Watch this video to hear Harald Remmert, Digi engineering director describe how the capacity of 5G, combined with low-cost IoT devices combined with the huge capacity of 5G will transform how we do work. November 22, 2019 | Length: 30:13

Five Things You Should Know About Deploying 50,000 Devices

On Demand Webinar Large networks of IoT devices are becoming commonplace. Whether you are deploying dozens or tens of thousands of devices, there are many things to consider for a successful deployment to achieve a positive return on investment. See this video to learn more. November 14, 2019 | Length: 22:40

Digi EX15 Cellular Extender

Watch this video to see how Retailers can meet their customer engagement and growth strategy goals by bringing their own network to client or shared sites, and remotely switch between carriers for backup connectivity as well. October 17, 2019 | Length: 2:28

Digi Connect IT 16/48

Watch this video to see Digi Product Manager, Ben Tucker, unbox the Digi Connect IT 16/48 and answer key questions about how the product allows console management of remote serial ports, and can also serve as a full-function router. October 03, 2019 | Length: 2:10

Digi Connect IT Console Servers

Watch this video to see how Digi Connect IT can help you rapidly deploy, configure and remotely manage console devices with the right performance features and the right number of ports for the job. September 30, 2019 | Length: 2:19

Digi Connect IT Mini

Watch this video to see Digi Product Manager, Ben Tucker, unbox the Digi Connect IT Mini and answer key questions about how the product allows console management of remote serial ports, and can also serve as a full-function router. September 06, 2019 | Length: 1:12

Otis Elevator’s Predictive Maintenance Solution

With two million elevators worldwide, and more than 30,000 field technicians maintaining them, Otis Elevator wanted to find a way to proactively predict problems and provide the most optimal service to its customers. Using Digi technology, Otis developed a predictive maintenance solution. Ezhil Nanjappan, Director of IoT and Mobility, tells the story. September 05, 2019 | Length: 2:07

900 MHz: Digi XCTU Spectrum Analyzer for 900 MHz Modules

The spectrum analysis tool in Digi XCTU measures and displays the spectrum of a selected radio band, allowing you to evaluate the noise level of the channels, including best, worst, and average measurements. September 04, 2019 | Length: 0:44

2.4 GHz: Digi XCTU Spectrum Analyzer for 2.4 GHz Modules

The Digi XCTU spectrum analysis tool lets you determine the spectrum of a selected radio band. Once you select a radio and run the analysis, you can see the noise level of the channels, including best, worst, and average measurements. September 04, 2019 | Length: 0:46

Evoqua Incorporates Digi Solutions in Predictive Maintenance

Evoqua Water Technologies sought to build out predictive maintenance into the Water One® SD solution using machine learning and advanced artificial intelligence. See how Digi solutions supported their product development as well as risk reduction and faster time-to-market. August 08, 2019 | Length: 2:39

Digi Remote Manager (DRM) 3.0 for IoT Devices

See how a comprehensive IoT device management application for secure asset monitoring and control will help you get better insights to make better IoT operating decisions. July 31, 2019 | Length: 0:59

Watch how Digi XBee Tools provide everything you need throughout the IoT application lifecycle

The complete toolset includes development, production and deployment tools to help you get to market faster and manage your deployed Digi XBee network. July 29, 2019 | Length: 3:22

Digi XCTU Range Testing Tool

Digi XCTU provides a complete set of tools for configuring and testing Digi XBee device networks. Use the range test tool to test the wireless communication range of the nodes on your XBee network prior to deployment. July 17, 2019 | Length: 0:51

Digi XCTU Throughput Tool

The Digi XCTU Throughput Tool lets you directly measure the communications rate between any two Digi XBee multi-point or mesh network modules. July 17, 2019 | Length: 0:42

Digi Connect IT 4

Watch this video to see Digi Vice President of Product Management, Tom Butts, unbox the Digi Connect IT 4 and answer key questions about how the product allows console management of remote serial ports, but can also serve as a full-function router. July 15, 2019 | Length: 1:12

Digi XCTU Live Network Mapping Tool

This video demonstrates the process of discovering all Digi XBee Zigbee devices on the network. May 08, 2019 | Length: 1:06

Connect USB Peripheral Devices Anywhere with Digi AnywhereUSB Plus

Watch this video to find out how you can deploy, configure and upload firmware, control access to particular groups of smart devices, virtualize, manage, test, and even charge, tablets, phones, sensors, scanners or other programmable IoT devices…and do it all remotely. April 24, 2019 | Length: 2:59

Unboxing the Digi AnywhereUSB 24 Plus

Watch this video to see Digi VP, Tom Butts, unbox the Digi AnywhereUSB 24 Plus and review key issues such as, “What USB devices can you now connect?” and “It’s not always feasible to locate workstations next to devices.” April 24, 2019 | Length: 2:00

Unboxing the Digi AnywhereUSB 8 Plus

Watch this video to see Digi Vice President, Tom Butts, unbox the Digi AnywhereUSB 8 Plus and answer key questions such as, “What USB devices can you now connect?” and “Why it’s not always feasible to locate workstations next to devices.” April 24, 2019 | Length: 1:34

Unboxing the Digi AnywhereUSB 2 Plus

Watch this video to see Digi VP, Tom Butts, unbox the Digi AnywhereUSB 2 Plus and answer key questions such as, “It’s not always feasible to locate workstations next to devices.” and “What USB devices can you now connect?” April 24, 2019 | Length: 1:31

Innovative Aquaculture Solution by bioFeeder for Smart Shrimp Farming

Shrimp farmers see 100% ROI on their investment in bioFeeder, powered by Digi RF modules. April 09, 2019 | Length: 2:48

New Boundary Technologies® Speeds Software Applications to Market

New Boundary Technologies provides simple, automated solutions that help organizations better control IT environments, energy consumption and costs, and remote water management equipment using Digi Remote Manager (DRM) and Digi industrial routers. March 19, 2019 | Length: 1:46

Digi Primary or Failover Connectivity Solutions

Digi primary or failover connectivity solutions are ideal for retailers, convenience and department stores, restaurants, digital signage, security systems, etc. February 11, 2019 | Length: 1:06

Digi IX14 LTE Industrial Router for Ultra-Reliable Connectivity in Extreme Environments

Bring a new generation of edge computing capabilities to industrial connectivity with the Digi IX14 LTE router. With both an Ethernet and serial port, customers can affordably link to a single IoT sensor or a network of sensors, virtually anywhere, with a router hardened to withstand extreme environmental conditions with MIL-STD-810G verification for shock, vibration and temperature, and an IP54 rating for dusts and water resistance. February 01, 2019 | Length: 1:58

Unboxing the Digi 6350-SR Cellular Router

Watch this video to see Digi VP, Tom Butts, unbox the Digi 6350-SR and answer key questions such as, “What is a cellular router?” and “What is one of the most important factors in cellular data communication?” January 24, 2019 | Length: 3:21

Unboxing the Digi 6330-MX Cellular Router

Watch this video to see Digi VP, Tom Butts, unbox the Digi 6330-MX and answer key questions such as, “What is a cellular router?” and “What is one of the most important factors in cellular data communication?” January 24, 2019 | Length: 5:20

Unboxing the Digi 6310-DX Cellular Extender

Watch this video to see Digi VP, Tom Butts, unbox the Digi 6310-DX and answer key questions such as, “What is a cellular extender?” and “What is the most important factor in cellular data communication?” January 09, 2019 | Length: 4:45

Digi 6310-DX LTE Router with Digi CORE Plug-In Modem

The simplest and most affordable way to eliminate network downtime is with the Digi 6310-DX LTE Router. This LTE router adds instant business continuity to any location with primary or backup LTE connectivity. January 09, 2019 | Length: 2:11

Digi 6300-CX LTE Router Installation

January 08, 2019 | Length: 3:05

Introducing the Digi WR54 and Digi WR64 Cellular Routers

Learn how you can combine multiple communications applications with a single, secure cellular router with truly segmented private and public data flow. January 08, 2019 | Length: 3:18

Top 5 IoT Platform Requirements

What should you be looking for in an Internet of Things platform? Digi Enterprise Software Product Manager, Brad Cole, shares insights on must-have requirements and functionality features the IoT platform should provide. September 28, 2018 | Length: 3:50

Leightronix Digital Signage Connectivity Evolves with Digi XBee3 Cellular

Leightronix is a digital equipment design and manufacturing company that specializes in video solutions for digital signage equipment, such as television automation, live and video-on-demand web streaming media, IPTV and remote equipment control and media asset management. September 27, 2018 | Length: 2:20

Current and Future State of Cellular and LPWAN

On Demand Webinar Learn about the future of LTE-M, NB-IoT and 5G, and the applications that will make use of these emerging networks, from IoT smart devices to sensors and wearables. September 27, 2018 | Length: 24:45

Keep Your IoT Enterprise Always Up, Always On

On Demand Webinar When discussing an alternate network as a backup to your primary network, also known as failover, it’s important to understand the best failover connectivity options. Also, why do you need failover? Watch this video to learn best practices for uninterrupted connectivity and why failover is essential for business operations. September 27, 2018 | Length: 12:14

Herding Cats: Leveraging LTE and Preparing for 5G

On Demand Webinar The Internet of Things (IoT) not only means more things will be connected in the future, but that more things will be better connected as well. The world is migrating from 2G/3G to 4G and 5G with higher speed, lower cost, lower latency and lower power…while the number of cellular bands are exploding…all driving more efficient, more effective and more profitable business solutions. September 27, 2018 | Length: 23:21

Establishing Principles for the Internet of Things (IoT) Security

On Demand Webinar Learn how the IoT security landscape has changed, as well as the new methodologies in place to thwart vulnerabilities and how to prepare to respond when new security threats arise. September 27, 2018 | Length: 37:45

How to Better Manage Your IoT Deployment

On Demand Webinar An IoT project is most always mission critical, with ways and means to drive automation and increase productivity, but its deployment can be a major success criteria that is often overlooked or under resourced. See how Digi can take the guesswork out of getting IoT connectivity deployed and operating, near or far, with “Bring Your Own Network” solutions and remote management tools for immediate installation. September 26, 2018 | Length: 27:30

Internet of Things Stack Integration

On Demand Webinar Digi Enterprise Software Product Manager, Brad Cole, discusses IoT stack integration to better leverage device management and deliver IoT systems that are scalable. September 25, 2018 | Length: 15:24

Wired vs. Wireless: Which is More Secure?

See how wireless cellular routers can be used to avoid security breaches that can be caused when companies share wired broadband connections outside their employee network. September 20, 2018 | Length: 3:43

Summit Envirosolutions Improves Groundwater with Information Systems

Summit Envirosolutions, combines the power of environmental science and data management tools to monitor the quality of water and to enhance our understanding of the environment’s physical, biological, and chemical relationships. Watch how this full-service environmental consulting firm uses the Internet of Things (IoT) and Digi wireless connectivity to streamline its data-collection process. September 07, 2018 | Length: 2:25

Kinetic Improves Safety with Workplace Wearables

Each day in workplace settings across numerous industries, workers are constantly putting their bodies at risk by improperly lifting, twisting, and turning. Kinetic is a pioneering innovator in workplace wearables that improve worker safety, prevent injuries, and decrease associated costs. September 07, 2018 | Length: 2:21

Home Security Equipped Drone

At the 2017 IoT Hack Day hosted by IoT Fuse, Christopher Black and Joshua Kaeding created a home security system that can be activated as a drone that detects an intruder. Learn more about this home security drone and how Digi XBee ZigBee helped bring this winning project to life. August 20, 2018 | Length: 1:47

Four Ways to Accelerate IoT Projects

We help build better custom wireless products and having been involved with hundreds of product development efforts, we know the setbacks and the accelerators. Our RF and Hardware Engineering Manager, Kyle Sporre, shares a quick list to help you develop your connected product faster and get to marketing quicker. July 31, 2018 | Length: 4:06

Digi XBee3 ZigBee Mesh Kit Demonstration

Building on industry-leading technology, pre-certified Digi XBee3 modules offer the flexibility to switch between multiple frequencies and wireless protocols as needed to accelerate time to market for designers, OEMs, and solution providers. Watch this video to see how easy-to-add connectivity in a compact, low-power, low-profile footprint is possible with Digi XBee3 ZigBee. April 12, 2018 | Length: 1:19

Digi TransPort WR11 XT Cellular Router

Secure 3G/4G/LTE cellular router for digital signage, kiosk and industrial control applications. April 07, 2018 | Length: 2:33

Leveraging Cellular Connectivity for Utility Companies

Historically, utility companies would use outdated dial-up modem technology that was both slow and expensive. There are a number of ways utility companies are incorporating LTE cellular connectivity for gas, water and electric metering and reading applications. April 04, 2018 | Length: 3:24

IoT HackDay Highlight: Internet of Trees

2017 IoTHack Day project, Internet of Trees, enables more efficient population monitoring and tracking of invasive species. Watch this video to see how this project was created in 12 hours. March 16, 2018 | Length: 2:57

Digi 6350-SR LTE Router with WAN & WWAN Connectivity

Being connected is everything in today’s data-driven economy. Eliminating downtime is essential to maximize productivity, support critical business applications, and avoid outages or disruptions that can impact sales, customer service, brand reputation and compliance. Accelerate your networking solutions and eliminate downtime with the Digi 6350-SR LTE Router. March 13, 2018 | Length: 1:59

Digi XBee3 Cellular Embedded Modems

With the Digi XBee3 Cellular family of embedded modems, developers can bring together the power and flexibility of the Digi XBee3 ecosystem with the latest 4G cellular technology. See how that provides a faster path to embedding 4G cellular technology into their devices and applications without time consuming, expensive FCC and carrier end-device certifications. March 07, 2018 | Length: 1:55

Live Digi XBee3 Interview at Embedded World 2018 with Mike Rohrmoser and Randall Restle

The new Digi XBee3 cellular modules and rf modems debuted at the 2018 Embedded World conference. Watch this video to learn more about these cellular modules and rf modems, the benefits, and more. March 03, 2018 | Length: 2:25

Ecosistema XBee de Digi

Encuentre todo lo que necesita para entender y desarrollar redes inalámbricas en el Ecosistema XBee de Digi. February 23, 2018 | Length: 1:10

Digi 6330-MX LTE Router for Flexible Business Continuity at Any Location

Accelerate your networking solutions and eliminate downtime with the Digi 6330-MX LTE Router that features multiple WAN connectivity options (Ethernet or cellular) with load balancing and failover. Read how this connectivity eliminates downtime for businesses who depend on their network to avoid outages that can immediately impact revenue or reputation. February 13, 2018 | Length: 1:52

Introducing Digi XBee3 Programmable Modules

The new Digi XBee3 embedded RF modules provide cost effective wireless for secure, reliable connectivity in a simple, compact micro form factor. January 30, 2018 | Length: 1:25

Ecossistema XBee da Digi

Encontre tudo o que precisa para entender e desenvolver redes sem fio no Ecossistema XBee da Digi. January 19, 2018 | Length: 1:12

4 Steps to 4G LTE

2G and 3G sun setting is already underway, and 4G LTE is already here. The time to start planning your legacy device migration is now. Make your LTE migration smoother and easier with our network turndown expertise and the resources shown in this short video. January 15, 2018 | Length: 2:53

IoTHackday Highlight: High-Security Handbag with Digi Technology

"Colette" is a crossbody bag with a number of different security features that was created at the 2017 IoT Hackday event. January 09, 2018 | Length: 2:02

Modems, Routers, Gateways: What’s the Difference?

The different devices and functionality of industrial cellular hardware can be confusing. Sales Engineering Manager, Randall Kerr, clears up the confusion and simple defines the differences between modems, routers, and gateways. December 12, 2017 | Length: 3:18

Top Five Software Requirements for Embedded Product Design

When making your hardware decision, how should you be evaluating software? Digi Software Product Manager, Brad Cole, talks us through what to look for when making the investment in embedded product design. November 21, 2017 | Length: 3:19

Digi International - Connectando con Confianza

Digi proporciona soluciones de conectividad de M2M y del IoT que proporciona confiabilidad constante y alto rendimiento que nuestros clientes requieren para aplicaciones industriales de misión crítica demandantes. September 25, 2017 | Length: 1:30

Conectando com Confiança

A Digi provê soluções de conectividade M2M e IoT que oferecem confiabilidade e desempenho que nossos clientes requerem para aplicações exigentes na indústria de missão crítica. August 07, 2017 | Length: 1:31

Digi XBee Ecosystem

Find everything to explore and create wireless connectivity in the Digi XBee Ecosystem. July 13, 2017 | Length: 1:10

IoT Device Security in Five Simple Steps

Digi Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Joel Young, shares which questions to ask when planning an IoT Strategy and covers the five critical areas of IoT security - secure boot, authentication, protected ports, storage, and secure connections. July 10, 2017 | Length: 5:02

30MHz Selects Digi XBee for Wireless Connectivity in Smart Sensors Toolkit

Smart Sensors Toolkit, the new wireless sensor hardware and secure cloud by 30MHz, uses Digi XBee modules to provide wireless connectivity to enhance smart sensing using a cloud-based platform that can operate thousands of sensors. July 07, 2017 | Length: 1:51

Cube Satellite with Digi XBee Radio Launches from the International Space Station (ISS)

As part of the "wireless-in-space" initiative by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), TechEdSat 5 was successfully jettisoned from the International Space Station (ISS) containing Digi XBee radio frequency (RF) modules to test wireless communications. June 12, 2017 | Length: 1:15

Digi ConnectCore for i.MX6UL Low Power Application Demo

This demonstration measures the low power consumption of the single-board computer, the System-on-Module, and the micro controller assist on the Digi ConnectCore for i.MX6UL module. June 07, 2017 | Length: 0:59

Connecting to Cloud Applications with Digi ConnectCore for i.MX6UL

Digi Field Applications Engineer Manager, Martin Schulte-Hobein, shows Digi ConnectCore for 6UL, connected to the Microsoft Azure Cloud and explains how it is able to recognize any kind of cloud application. June 05, 2017 | Length: 0:50

Owlet Nightshift Integrates Cellular Connectivity with Digi XBee

Digi XBee® gave Owlet Nightshift the processing horsepower they needed for a Zigbee Mesh solution. Watch this video to see how the open protocol and embedded modem, was a simple solution to integrate cellular connectivity into their outdoor lighting technologies. June 05, 2017 | Length: 3:19

Ideco Develops Biometric Technology Solution with Digi ConnectCore® 6

Digi ConnectCore® 6 gives Ideco the processing horsepower they need to take cumbersome biometric collection and verification systems and turning them into a compact and portable unit so customers can quickly profile and confirm an individual’s identity onsite. May 16, 2017 | Length: 2:30

Digi XBee Cellular LTE Cat 1 Development Kit Unboxing

Digi Chief Innovation Officer, Rob Faludi, unboxes the Digi XBee Cellular LTE Cat 1 Development Kit, which contains everything you need to get started with embedded cellular communication. March 20, 2017 | Length: 2:40

Digi Connect Sensor+ Features and Device Cloud Video

This video gives a features tour and detailed instructions on how to configure the new Digi Connect Sensor+ firmware and hardware changes to support industrial protocols on Digi Device Cloud. March 14, 2017 | Length: 16:40

Profile Manager for Digi Connect Sensor

Sales Engineering Manager, Randall Kerr shows and explains using Digi Remote Manager profiles for rapid provisioning of Digi Connect Sensor Devices. March 13, 2017 | Length: 5:01

What are the Differences Between LTE-M and NB-IoT Cellular Protocols?

Chief Innovator Rob Faludi, explains two new protocols for cellular communication and how these low bandwidth protocols are different. Watch this video to determine if LTE-M or NB-IoT is ideal for your IoT application. March 06, 2017 | Length: 2:42

What is #IoTHackDay?

In case you missed the IoT Hack Day in 2016, get an inside look into this hackathon with IoT Fuse, creative hackers, and the Digi team. January 30, 2017 | Length: 5:06

Digi XBees Soar into Space on NASA Rocket

Watch this video to see the mission-critical wireless sensor network test be successfully completed using Digi XBee RF modules. January 30, 2017 | Length: 4:00

Introducing the Innovative SMTplus Surface Mount Form Factor

Digi SMTplus is designed for automated placement in low and high volume applications to deliver exceptional durability. January 26, 2017 | Length: 1:14

Keeping a Watchful Eye on Critical Infrastructure

On Demand Webinar Digi Sales Engineer Manager, Randall Kerr joined Express Systems & Peripherals to provide insight on remote IoT security and cellular solutions. January 25, 2017 | Length: 53:12

Introducing the Digi XBee® Cellular

Digi Product Manager, Matt Dunsmore introduces the Digi XBee® Cellular 4G LTE Cat 1 Embedded Modem to the Digi XBee Ecosystem. December 16, 2016 | Length: 2:05

Digi TransPort® LR54 LTE-Advanced Router Introduction

Digi Product Manager, Andrew Lund gives a first look at the Digi TransPort® LR54 LTE-Advanced router. December 05, 2016 | Length: 2:13

International Game Technology (IGT) Enhances Lottery Systems with Digi Wireless Routers

IGT selected the Digi TransPort WR11 to rapidly connect network technology for gaming machines, lotteries, and interactive and social gaming solutions. November 23, 2016 | Length: 1:45

Mesh Networking Vs. Cellular Technology for IoT Applications

Digi Chief Innovation Officer, Rob Faludi, dives deep into the describing and comparing mesh networks and cellular networks. November 15, 2016 | Length: 3:06

Choosing the Right Mesh Networking Technology for Your Application

Digi Chief Innovation Officer, Rob Faludi, explains the strengths and weaknesses of mesh networking protocols specific to Internet of Things (IoT) applications. November 15, 2016 | Length: 5:14

Digi 6300-CX LTE Router Unboxing

August 12, 2016 | Length: 4:46

Introducing the Digi ConnectCore for i.MX6UL

Digi Product Manager Mike Rohrmoser introduces the ConnectCore® for i.MX6UL System-on-Module July 29, 2016 | Length: 2:03

Digi and Frazer-Nash Team up to Create Cleaner, Greener Transport for London Metrocabs

Frazer-Nash is tapping the power of the Digi International® ConnectCore® 6 System-on-Module to drive the powertrain, instrumentation, and passenger displays for London Metrocabs, the only zero-emissions-capable fleet of black cabs in London. June 22, 2016 | Length: 4:10

Digi TransPort Tech: Using the GPIO on TransPort WR31

In this TransPort Tech Video, Randall Kerr describes how to configure the IO ports on a WR31, showing an example of how to alarm when a cabinet door is opened. June 22, 2016 | Length: 3:30

Device Cloud API for Digi Connect Sensor

June 18, 2016 | Length: 4:12

Introducing the Digi Connect Sensor

June 17, 2016 | Length: 2:23

Evaluating 4G LTE in M2M Applications: Top 6 Questions to Ask Before Buying

In less than 30 minutes, walk away with a comprehensive 6-point guide that helps engineers, operators, project managers and network administrators make intelligent decisions when evaluating 4G LTE wireless technology for use in critical infrastructure applications. May 25, 2016 | Length: 36:52

Watch How Flying Eye Relies on Digi XBee for Drone Connectivity and Parachute Deployment

Flying Eye drones take advantage of the XBee® 802.15.4 for point-to-point connectivity, with line-of-sight ranges of up to two miles and data rates of up to 111 Kbps. April 25, 2016 | Length: 2:00

A look at the Digi XBee® SX

Matt Dunsmore, product manager, gives a brief introduction to the 1-watt Digi XBee SX module April 19, 2016 | Length: 1:39

Which Mesh Networking Technology is Right for You

On Demand Webinar In this webinar, we discuss a variety of mesh networking technologies, the differences between protocols, and key considerations for designing a mesh network. March 31, 2016 | Length: 41:33

Antenna Design: Custom vs Off-the-Shelf

March 30, 2016 | Length: 3:10

A Demo of the Digi ConnectCore 6

March 30, 2016 | Length: 2:16

Extending the Reach of LTE with 900 MHz

March 02, 2016 | Length: 3:46

Antenna Design and Integration Fundamentals

February 29, 2016 | Length: 5:05

A Look at the Digi TransPort® WR11

December 14, 2015 | Length: 2:56

Adding Your First Device to Digi Remote Manager

December 09, 2015 | Length: 1:18

An Introduction to XCTU

December 01, 2015 | Length: 3:13

Troubleshooting and Testing Cellular Devices

November 06, 2015 | Length: 5:37

Eliminate Your Tank Monitoring Barriers

November 02, 2015 | Length: 4:35

Connect with Confidence

Digi provides M2M and IoT connectivity solutions that deliver the relentless reliability and bullet-proof performance our customers require for demanding, mission-critical industry applications. October 23, 2015 | Length: 1:30

Smarter Real-Time Vehicle Monitoring

June 24, 2015 | Length: 44:12

Making the Connection in Mass Transit

May 07, 2015 | Length: 50:10

4G LTE and PCI Compliant Retail

April 07, 2015 | Length: 44:22

Monitor Device Health with Digi Remote Manager

March 20, 2015 | Length: 1:55

Manage Firmware Updates with Digi Remote Manager

March 20, 2015 | Length: 1:22

Digi Remote Manager Walkthrough

January 29, 2015 | Length: 4:23

An Introduction to the XBee Wi-Fi Cloud Kit

April 22, 2014 | Length: 2:29

Digi ConnectCore 6 Tour

February 26, 2014 | Length: 2:49

Improving the Retail Experience with LTE Devices

February 25, 2014 | Length: 2:32

Digi TransPort Tech: Configuring a VPN

February 14, 2014 | Length: 7:40

Digi TransPort Tech: Configuring a Firewall

February 14, 2014 | Length: 9:10

Creating And Using Machine Processes

Video 2 of 3 November 06, 2013 | Length: 3:22

Where Will You Use Your XBee?

Around the world, XBee RF wireless modules are extending the reach of wireless technology. They can be found anywhere — streetlights, homes, power plants, forests — the possibilities are endless. October 23, 2013 | Length: 0:58

Sensors and Cloud Enabled Self Sustaining Garden

August 19, 2013 | Length: 2:27

Transform Your Oil Field & Pipeline Operations

June 05, 2013 | Length: 50:51

"¿Qué Hay de Nuevo con XBee®?" XBee-PRO 900 HP

April 25, 2013 | Length: 58:12

ConnectCard Wi-i.MX28 Wireless Networking Module

April 09, 2013 | Length: 50:49

I Think I Need an M2M Solution – Now What?

March 14, 2013 | Length: 54:51

Soluciones Inalámbricas Digi para Ferrocarriles

March 13, 2013 | Length: 1:01:06

End-to-end Solutions for Remote Tank Monitoring

March 01, 2013 | Length: 27:06

Improving Customer Service With Mobile Applications

February 28, 2013 | Length: 56:57

Best Practices for Cloud-Based Security

January 10, 2013 | Length: 57:14

Connecting Light Webinar

October 04, 2012 | Length: 58:43

BBC LIVE: Digi & Connecting Light

August 31, 2012 | Length:

Rugged Mobile Connectivity Solutions for Buses

July 12, 2012 | Length: 23:05